COVID-19: All Approved Vaccines Help and Save Lives

How is this conversation in any way promoting eugenics?

  • Data from 43,448 participants, half of whom received BNT162b2 and half of whom received placebo, showed that the vaccine candidate was well tolerated and demonstrated 95% efficacy in preventing COVID-19 in those without prior infection 7 days or more after the second dose


“COVID-19: All Approved Vaccines Help and Save Lives”

…not for example, if you’re one of the tiny minority that may have a rare fatal allergic blood clotting reaction too an AstraZeneca jab.

Oh! and by the way aged under 50, as well.

Vaccine nationalism has irrevocably raised it’s ugly head primarily among the OECD economies, a far cry from the kumbaya “we’re all in this together” sentiment expressed way back it seems a lifetime ago in March 2020.

MONEY, boys and girls is at the end of the day determines access to these efficacy documented vaccines, because last I checked the global human population was a tad over 7 billion so there really isn’t enough to go around for a few more years yet.

Now lets see, doing the math:

  • US ordered a further 200 million doses to supplement a domestic supply of 300 million doses for an adult population of 250 million

  • EU ordered 1.6 billion doses for an adult population of 375 million

  • UK ordered 219 million doses for an adult population of 54 million

  • Canada ordered 188 million doses for an adult population of 32 million

  • Lastly here in Australia, had ordered 53.8 million doses for an adult population of 18 million

Which amounts to about 2.2 billion doses (give or take a few million) BUT in all actuality 10 billion doses total have already been pre-ordered and the above wealthiest group of nations jagged half the projected 2021 production, alone:

How COVID vaccines are being divvied up around the world

As opposed to a stark reality facing those that can’t afford a mass domestic rollout however there might be a way to redistribute the surplus, although dependent of course upon various competing Geo-political agendas or indeed willingness to even countenance, for that matter.

Here’s how the surplus could be redistributed

Although personally I wouldn’t hold my breath whilst keeping in mind, that this particular SARS strain continues too mutate into deadlier genomic sequencing outcomes.

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Do not forget Covid immunity appears to last for 9-10 months. So it’s reasonable to consider a 6 months vaccine recall per person.
So it’s basically your population x 2 vaccine per year forever

Not very likely, i find such predictions are rather just stoking fears than doing anything good. First immunity duration varies depending on which vaccine you’re talking about and its not known yet how long immunity will really last.

But most importantly its rather the timeframe until which your immunity will be in full active state in your body, after that there may be a much longer lasting protection in form of specific t-cells built by your body, if these got triggered by the vaccines mechanism well enough. And if not by one of current ones then that might be improved by a future vaccine. And if thats the case, then you might get the virus into your body much later and in a short timeframe your immunity will be “restored” by your body, like it is with many diseases you once had. And then it all rather depends on how fast the virus significantly changes and how widespread it will be then.

Anyhow, the biontech publication posted in my last post also talks about that and shows quite promising numbers for T-Cell responses.

These kinds of 1-sided “discussions” are the reason there’s a “debate” about the “vaccine” that nobody is allowed to have.

And people wonder why people are questioning the “vaccine”.

The “take it or else” mentality doesn’t fly.

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No one’s being forced into taking the vaccine if they don’t want to.

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The White House has already nixed vaccine passport laws, and the state governments aren’t going out of their way to mandate anything.

As far as private entities are concerned, some could require you to have your shots to continue being employed or enrolled, but that’s their right.

@Renzatic would you believe me if I told you there are other countries than USA on this planet?

I’ve heard rumors about some place called Canada, but I’m not sure I believe them or not.

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Not yet. Wait.

What do you suppose “vaccine passports” are all about?

Those have already been passed on. Federal government isn’t going to mandate it, and I doubt any states will opt to do so.

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Technically true, but the problem is that Silicon Valley has all but decided to declare itself the sole arbiter of truth. Disagree with the executives of a given site and you are gone, or at least your post is gone with no warning and with no reason given.

You cannot even disagree with just a small portion of the narrative, it has to be nothing less than full agreement and praise. To outright ban debate only feeds conspiracy theories because it gives the impression the entities behind the censorship are trying to hide something, the best way to combat disinformation are people replying with a strong rebuttal complete with evidence.


(Using Google Translate from this site, an italian lead news agency)
TL;DR; covid antibodies last 9-10 months. Then they’re over.
So my 2 x person x year math stands.

Too optimistic. It’s much more possible you get a new variant which is vaccine-skipping.

In the case of flu, you don’t get any immunity. It’s a new variant every time which you get over with your strength or with a new vaccine. This is renown.

You didnt get my point @kabu. When I said that it depends on how fast the virus significantly changes, I meant exactly that the vaccine might no longer fit to the virus ( like in your flu example),thats true for every vaccine ever produced, its just that this case is not what your 9-10 months apply to. There’s a big difference if you assume the virus to change every 9 month or if vaccines effect is over. And regarding the latter, our bodys immune system naturally is consisting of more than just antibodies. Among that are memorizing t-cells that will stay in our blood for years. I’ve written about that in my last post and that thought is part of the publication I mentioned. These kind of t-cells are in principle no new knowledge, it just has not been the priority for the first wave of vaccines. And new vaccines planned will take more care of that. Your calculation isnt wrong, your assumtion about the validity of that timeframe in the long run will very likely be wrong. And in form of biontechs current vaccine it might even already be wrong.

I think that this conversation has strayed enough from the initial post. We’re veering into further off-topicness and politics.

Probably best to close this one out and let it rest.