Covid 19

On Friday i undergo a covid 19 test.


Here’s hoping you end up not being among those who get a serious infection. I ended up discovering I had Covid this week (after my mother had symptoms and tested positive), and the most I had was some mild ear congestion (which is already going away). Maybe you will be the same or not even feel anything, or the test comes back negative (but do note that false negatives are possible).

Anyway, you will need to be cautious and largely stay home for a week or two, even if symptoms don’t develop or get worse. You can still spread it, and the virus tends to be pretty random in terms of what effects a person might get (ie. the unlucky few who end up spending a month in the hospital). While I generally do not have much agreement with the WHO and the CDC on this subject, there is also the issue of wanting to be a good citizen (which means wearing a mask if there’s a mandate in place, even if you hate the things).


What happened? Do you have any symptoms?

Welcome to the reality of these sort of biological RNA-fragment tests.

For a brief period of time that is apparently not over yet, public health policy has fully interacted with extremely-partisan and apparently vicious politics. Try your best to keep your boat upright until this storm … which has no actual biological precedent … also finally passes.

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Test came back negative. :smiley:


Just test harder next time…



So i could still have it without knowing it.

I had it. It’s not like a cold when I compared it.

First no smell or taste. Then slightly feverish, in my case not even a fever. Dry throat, did not however cough. Nauseous all the time.

However my father almost died. His oxygen levels were like 68% when he came to the hospital however he got lucky and made it through. A couple of his friends and neighbours died of it.

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Classic Space Karen, lol

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Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests As Unreliable & Unlawful To Quarantine People

here the official judicial act:

…I have the “Jupiter Sneeze” :alien:
…and it’s rad!