Covid 19

On Friday i undergo a covid 19 test.


Here’s hoping you end up not being among those who get a serious infection. I ended up discovering I had Covid this week (after my mother had symptoms and tested positive), and the most I had was some mild ear congestion (which is already going away). Maybe you will be the same or not even feel anything, or the test comes back negative (but do note that false negatives are possible).

Anyway, you will need to be cautious and largely stay home for a week or two, even if symptoms don’t develop or get worse. You can still spread it, and the virus tends to be pretty random in terms of what effects a person might get (ie. the unlucky few who end up spending a month in the hospital). While I generally do not have much agreement with the WHO and the CDC on this subject, there is also the issue of wanting to be a good citizen (which means wearing a mask if there’s a mandate in place, even if you hate the things).


What happened? Do you have any symptoms?

Welcome to the reality of these sort of biological RNA-fragment tests.

For a brief period of time that is apparently not over yet, public health policy has fully interacted with extremely-partisan and apparently vicious politics. Try your best to keep your boat upright until this storm … which has no actual biological precedent … also finally passes.

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Test came back negative. :smiley:


Just test harder next time…



So i could still have it without knowing it.

I had it. It’s not like a cold when I compared it.

First no smell or taste. Then slightly feverish, in my case not even a fever. Dry throat, did not however cough. Nauseous all the time.

However my father almost died. His oxygen levels were like 68% when he came to the hospital however he got lucky and made it through. A couple of his friends and neighbours died of it.

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Classic Space Karen, lol

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Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests As Unreliable & Unlawful To Quarantine People

here the official judicial act:

…I have the “Jupiter Sneeze” :alien:
…and it’s rad!

Our whole family had it in Jan - Feb 2020. It was like a mild flu, without nasal congestion. Daughter apparently caught it in school and spread it to the rest of us. Not the sort of illness that justifies cause the economy to crash and millions to starve to death homeless, in my humble opinion.

Unfortunately, to predict what Covid will do to a given person is like throwing darts at a board while blindfolded, from failure to even give a sniffle to death.

That is not to say that the media and government isn’t helping the situation one bit, as it has become quite fashionable to speak in hyperbole and in blanket statements. Not only that, but it is also becoming quite common for western nations to adopt KGB/Stasi style tactics to enforce Covid measures (for instance, Germany considering ‘detention camp’ for quarantine violators).

I plan on getting the vaccine. Unless the mutations going around make it null.

I’ve never had a vaccine in my entire live (was born before the pharma industry created a reason to exist) and I don’t intend to start now.

Aside from that, I feel sad to watch my country fall to what may be the biggest scam in world history. “Every death is a covid death” because the hospitals in my country get $29,000 for each patient that dies and happens to test covid positive. The PCR test has a 50% false positive error rate, apparently. Elon Musk had the test four times and twice positive and twice negative.

As for the safety of a ‘vaccine’, I find it concerning that a vaccine that is rushed to market (vaccines take 5-10 years to develop) in 9 months and for which the companies making it are shielded from liability, is being just about forced upon the population.

What the government imposed shutdowns have done to the formerly booming economy is criminal. When small businesses are forced to close, but businesses serving government officials are allowed to remain open, you know you live in a dictatorship.

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The virus is mainly mass media propaganda.
Someone is paying for newspapers and televisions to spread this narrative.
who, why?
It’s now over a year, and they absolutely don’t want to change the narrative.
Who gains from all this?
We talk about curfews as if we were at war, at night the virus becomes more infectious or what?
Even if you get vaccinated, the restrictions will continue.

The most obvious thing is that insanity is reigning supreme, and whoever is seeing us great opportunities for profit, is pushing for this madness to never end.
It is the system that, by cracking, takes these ugly turns, and nobody can do anything about it …
Newspapers and televisions were already in severe crisis, and having someone who is paying them, they now only talk about covids and vaccines …
So who’s paying them?

… good luck folks.

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Just a couple of hours ago. One of out neighbours, whose daughter is a nurse, chimed in for some cheers. She said the daughter was requested to vaccine. Anyway, her daughter already had covid, and now has a very high antibodies ratio. Of course she has not the least intention to get vaccinated at an additional, pointless risk.

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He did not write the test and result order and times between? It could be NNPP which is correct, or NPNP which is not.

If you have that opinion, i am interested where you draw the line.
1 death to rescue 10 jobs, or 100 or 1000? Did you compare the statistics of growing homeless that died by starving to died by corona?

Haha, yeah. Like yall ever gave a single one about poverty.

Using your own misfortune as an argument is disgraceful. But using someone else’s? Meeh, that’s just being a plain richard, if you catch my meaning eh.

You wanna help? Grab a laddle… if you people cared that much, there’d be no hunger.