Covid 19

However no one can object to the precise coincidence here:
1984 was written by Orwell in 1948, and was obviously inspired by from the deepest fears of his historical period in which he lived.
now look at this:

1948 + 36 = 1984
1984 + 36 = 2020

Certainly “the coincidence” that started this mass purge was precise in the historical course.
but oh well. no one in January 2020 started bombarding us psychologically from day one until now, 24 hours a day … it was pure accident… to scare all the peoples of the world.

p.s. there is only one true 1984 and it is that of Van Halen.
Fuck all the damn obscurantists in the world. :wink:

Lots of the people who died because covid, died because of lock down.

Can confirm. I get payed by him a handy sum every month to shill for Covid.
I am now financially independent and Blender is now merely a hobby.


yea, all conspiracy theories and this is not the official channel of the world economic forum … :wink:

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Seeing as the OP has long since had their test, and the discussion is steering towards conspiracy theory contest, I’m locking this now.