Cow - Adding finishing touches.

I need critique on a cow model I am working on. I am finishing up the modeling and want to make sure everything looks good before going on to textures and materials. Please let me know what you think. Especially if you have had experience with cattle.

Does this look right?
Are the proportions good?
Is the topology correct?
Anything missing?

Here are all the views if you need others let me know please.
I can handle criticism as long as it comes with a solution. Please be detailed. something like bad model or it looks funny wont help me.


Not really Milka cow, but if your reference were the really freaky once from India may be it is accurate :-/

Looks nice :slight_smile: (sorry for not being helpful :P)

Can’t really give any credits to the topology and stuff as i’m a newb in these things.

Just wanted to clear that your going for a cow like that, aren’t ya?

I think european cowslike nicer :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe your cow is a bit fat :open_mouth:
I’ve been to India last summer, and the cows are all very boney and skinny…
Not nice looking ones :stuck_out_tongue:

gz, Tobias

oh and yes, i think the head is too small.
Take a look at the pics i posted, and see the proportions of head and body.

This is the reference that I went off from. It is a American Holstein cow. The American Holstein has a smaller head and larger midsection. It also has overlarge udders.


That’s hot…

Those look really monstrous compared to our EU ones :slight_smile:

The udder looks too detached from the “belly area.” If you look at your reference images, you’ll notice the udder is connected by a flap of skin.

No teats?

I purposely left the teats off and some minor detail like the skin flap because I am planning to sculpt them with the multires sculpt tool. also the vein in the udder and the tendons in the leg and ribs. Before going on to that I want to make sure the base is proportioned correctly. I would hate to do a bunch of sculpting and find out that the base was bad and have to do it all over again. If I can figure it out I want to normal map the hires sculpt on to this base.

That looks pretty good! I think that the hip bone protrudes up too much. You know, the bone on either side of his hip, no idea what it is called. It just doesn’t look right to me that is. Great modeling though!

Well, just before the udders, your model’s stomach (or stomachs) curves sharply upward. That does not happen in any of your reference images. It is a smooth transition.

And this is the only type of cow I’ve ever seen, so the EU ones must look pretty weird to my eyes.

Hey that’s really cool. Again it’s the first for a “cow” mesh I have seen, so you may get requested for tutorials on this mesh. Well done! Sorry I can’t critic it, but from my very limited knowledge it’s good!

Thank you very much. I actually did this step by step over at Blender Newbies Low Poly Forum. You can find the instructions here for anyone wanting to build a cow. It only took it to a low poly form so none of the detail is included but I gives a good start. Detailing it was pretty easy I did that in a WIP on the same site.

Here is a link to the step by step

Cow Form Step by Step

You have to be signed up I think to see the pictures.

That is a genetic modified cow for making more milk, i don`t like it.

I prefer euro cows cause are not modified and are original.

And how does this statement help me model! I am an artist not a geneticist! I don’t give a hoot whether it is modified or not. I am trying to get an realistic representation of a subject. I am not here to make a political statement about the subject. So If you have further critiques that will help me accurately represent the subject feel free to offer them. Other wise keep it to yourself. I want to keep this about modeling and nothing else.

I reduce the size of the pelvic bone, Thank you.

I fixed the attachment to the udder also added in the teats.

I also played around with the camera angle and focal length until I had lined up my model to the original reference and can you guess what I found? The head was way to small! So I rescaled the front section. So here is my corrected genetically inferior super cow. :rolleyes:

P.S. I know about the mirror modifier line. I will take care of it when I am finished modeling.


You were completely right about the head and weight. Thank you.:slight_smile:

There should be more fat where ive circled.
The whole thing doesn’t look right to me. so maybe if you fix that it’ll look better, or it could just be the perspective.


In the image I’ve marked red what I think is a bit innatural in your model and in green the correct shape of the reference version.
Maybe you could consider reshape your model in the reference model sembiance.

Also, agree with the head a bit too little in proportions.

Other than that, very nice mesh, simple and good modeled so far.
Curios to see your post sculpting work.


I made some modifications from the advice I received from xray51493 and ShilaM. I added some fat around the back leg and added the elbow and shoulder bones. I also added eyes and remodeled the ears. I reshaped the head a bit also.


Very good rework.
I was suggesting you to proceed to the next sculpting stage, when I found something I didn’t noticed so far.
Have a look at this, the same colors convention as before: