cow-like character

well, i got bored with my caterpillar. so here’s a character im workin on.

dunno what to call it yet…but hopefully ill think of something

Just call it “sabertooth cow”.

good work, I can’t wait to see it with textures. My only advice is that in the front view the ears look a like they were stuck on seperately, take a closer look and see what you think.

yeah…i think thats due to my light and how its set up…because in the other views it doesn’t look like that as much

btw…textures arent exactly a strong point for me…but im hoping to learn to UV map with this project

hehe, he look really sad. Kind of like eor from winnie the pooh.

That is a good thing, his character mixed with the crazy happy catterpillar worm-like guy you made is the start of a good cast. integrating both of them into scenes and dare I say…storyline would be really cool!! I look forward to more on this character :smiley:

ha, i hadn’t thought of making them both in the same scene…i dunno, we’ll see how things go ;]


im having some trouble UV unwrapping the face…what are the best places to mark seams for unwrapping ?