Cow Milk Commercial

This shot is for a cow milk commercial pilot. This is my second work in Blender. I did everything from concept to post. I like to thank Blender community for providing such amazing software for free and supporting everybody learning Blender. Looking forward to your valuable comments. Thank you

wow! Being your second project i think it’s really really well done!
Well, let’s go with some critics (i’ll not say what i think it’s well done because it’s almost everything and you’ll not learn from that :D)
When the cow shows the bottle, it will be more appealing with an exaggerating camera angle and with the label in front of the camera se we can read that clearly. And i hear some problems with the audio, maybe.
That’s all. Great piece.

I love it! :smiley:


@missmajor Thank you very much for your comments. I will rework on those comments.

thank you

is the whole thing 3d? or is the background a 2d image and the cow is composited on it?
either way, looks great.
well done :slight_smile:

Very funny, nice work :slight_smile:

It’s quite nice actually. I agree with the other crits and I’d like to add that you don’t seem to have a horizon. The clouds start directly from ground level and that looks weird. Nice work overall though!

what would make it more great is if the grass moved when the co’s feet touch it.

The music doesn’t very well match up to what is happening on-screen (changes at odd moment, wrong mood). The audio is a bit low quality, especially the speaking part. The rigging is a bit awkward at points, and the model could be a bit more high quality. Finally, the logo should be shown at the end.

Sorry to be so harsh, just trying to help.

rvngizswt, chrisspoi, Ben_Lind, oanav, Jeepster , thank you very much for your comments.
Actually when i got this project, i thought of doing it in Maya. Even though i am in a learning stage of Blender, i took a chance to do it and show this option to client. But when i go through the features and option in Blender i got amazed . I feel Blender is as good as Maya and Max, since i am working on Max and Maya for the last 10 years i could able to compare all the three. Now i will rework on this shot and bring it to the best based on your comments.

The cow character is 3D. and the Bg is an image. I used camera projection to make it look like 3D.

again thank you all

I like it. Nice work.



                         Thank you.

It’s quite actually.I like it.

The cloud image in the back really needs a horizon. Cause it seems like if she were to wonder off the meadow she would hit the clouds as if she were skydiving. Somthing like this maybe.
P.S. Your character rigging is great!


Thank you very much for the comments.

Antirales That is a valuable comment, i will rework on that. Thank you for the link for sky.

Thank you selfless Blender Community

Kind of a creepy cow :evilgrin: