Cow on grass (how can i improve this)

Hi guys,
i did a little picture for my girlfriends facebook page on vegetarian recipes.
Maybe you could take a look and help me improve this picture.

The cow is not my model btw, its an awesome model on Blendswap by the user Mozzy69 - thx for sharing!
I just rigged it in order to make that pose. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and best regards Dario

Possibly try a different material for the lettering, since it is extruded in 3d but yet is barely noticeable being so dark. Maybe try beveling the letters a bit as well, with a little round resolution. To be funny, maybe model a chef’s hat for the cow…

Thx man, ill sure try that.

Well i took your advice and i think it already looks better - the hat still needs some work though.

Its looking good all around. But make the white background on which the slogan is written and of course the hat reflect the blue of the sky a little if you can. I think that would just be it. Gud luck!

Looking much better, I like it

Looks great. One thing I noticed is the light on the trees is coming from the top right, but for the cow it is coming from the left. Look at the raised hoof. Besides that, even though it is in German, it’s very funny.

Yeah you are right will try fixing the lighting. Im also not 100% happy with the modeled grass blending into tthe backdrop…
Im sure i could enhance this with the compositor, but i dont really know how to use it jet :slight_smile: .