Cowboy Game

Thank you so much for your comments!!! I am totally stunned!! This is really motivating!!
I’ve never gotten that much Feedback in such a short time!! I hope you won’t be disappointed!
I am really no programmer, so this Game(if I can even call it so) will be very simple, maybe just a walk trough Demo ^^
I am working now at the First building. Screens will follow.


I agree that 3rd person would be better to show off your model:yes:

wow, that is REALLY amazing! you should really make some kind of platformer action game or something. it would be really great.

Very nice model! I really like his “cartoonish” look. By far one of the best character models I have seen=)

Don’t get much pressure and keep on aiming to what your primary goal was :

I think this Project will be much trial and error and hopefully I can learn some new things.

If you try to answer to the people expectations (“you should do this or that”), you will be too afraid to make mistakes or to make your own choices.
Think about your own solutions, please :slight_smile:
You already proved by your graphical choices that you have something to show, something to tell, so let your creativity free.
This is not going against what other people said, this is just my opinion.

I like what I have seen, good luck! :slight_smile:

Hey thanks guys!
Here is the small Realtime Demo of the Charakter. Just download, unzip and run the start.exe

1 to 6 - plays different actions of the charakter (not the numpad numbers)
0 - sets the hat visible
space - rotates the Charakter
Mousewheel - zoom in and out
Curser up and down - moves Camera up and down.

So, here is the link

GREAT animation and modeling mate - looking forward to this one.


thank you janmatys.

This Video shows you another Charakter where I’ve tested some shadingoptions for skin. So it is not especially for this projekt, but some tests I’ve done before. Just wanted to share it :wink:

Le style adopté pour le développement du personnage est excellent, j’aime oui j’aime!
(j’ai mis une note de 5 au vote), et maintenant pour me détendre un peu je vais boire
une tasse de café et manger une par de gâteaux à l’abricot…:yes:

The style adopted for the development of character is excellent, yes I love I love!
(I put a score of 5 to vote), and now to relax a bit I’ll drink a cup of coffee and eat
cakes with apricot…:yes:

nice to hear this from someone with such great skills as you. :slight_smile:

Here is a litte update. The Bank is almost finished. Not perfect as I think. Textures are a little bit blurry… But I think if Rocks will be in the background with some dusty mood it may be really cool :smiley:

So. Here it is.

Very nice! Perfect fit with the style of the cowboy character=)

Looks great! The wild west is technically the perfect setting: the environment is pretty deserted, so the small amount of objects you place can be high detailed.

That looks great!
As you said, the textures are a bit blurry, but overall very nice work!

Here are a texture I have that seems like it may fit into your game somewhere:

If you ever need textures, you can check my repository in my sig, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for there just ask me. All I ask in return is a mention of me in your credits.:slight_smile:

Ok, here is one more update.
I’ve included the Charakter into the Enviroment. Basic action as running is possible.
Here is a link to the Demo.
cursor buttons -> walk, rotate and duck
arrow up + r -> run
1-3 -> some actions
0 -> make hat invisble

Further improvemens I want to achieve. Rocks in the background that limit the area. More Details in the Enviroment. Nodebased mist for better Atmosphere.

@ Minifig
we’ve postet at the same time :slight_smile:
Thanks, and I will check out your textures ^^

EDIT 2nd
GLSL Mist added. Rocks added. with b you can enable bloom(thanks alot to martinsh) filter.

hi ndee,

Your modeling skills are good but your texturing skills are amazing. The textures on the bank are some of the best I’ve seen. Looking forward to see how this develops.


very pretty. I can’t wait to see a finished product. If Cray hasn’t mentioned his 3rd person template, I thought I might. You have a very inspiring project here. If it isn’t a finished game, it will surely be one of blender’s graphical demos.


Hi ndee,

Amazing work so far, superb graphics! The character mesh, textures and pose are awesome! Keep up the nice work!

Your work is very inspiring! :slight_smile:

Your game will run on GNU/Linux in future?

The screenshots are great.

Take a look at this gallery from gameloft by vladimir teneslav for some inspiration

and here

Very good artistic direction! Is this going to be more like a visual/character animation show off or are you planning to create real gameplay? I would suggest you to start roughing out the gameplay in that case :stuck_out_tongue:

nice scene! This game is really looking good, although u forgot to put in some… TUMBLEWEED!!:smiley:

thanks. All Textures you see are created in Blender(except the grastexture). I Really LOVE the new Projection Paint!

I definitly have to take a look at the 3rd Person Template. Thats exactly what I want to implement. Just do not know yet how :slight_smile:

yeah I will release it for Linux too. I think later I will make an executable file for linux. I am not exactly sure under what license I will release the files. I think for learning purpose I will publish the blend files later. To give something back to the Community.

@ Teo_GreenGage
thanks for the links. I will take a look ^^

@ all
How I come to create such a game?
I am working this sommer and some earlier sommer as a free worker in a german christian summer tent camp for kids. This year, the theme of that camp is “gold rush” in the time of cowboys. When the camp is over the kids will get a DVD as an souvenier, with photos an videos of that time. So my Idea was, that it could be cool if the get a little Game on that DVD, too. Thats why I am doing it. Idea for Gameplay is, that the could search for some Gold. Make some little task to proof that they are real Cowboys :slight_smile: (Hit a target with his “air gun”) and so on.

And of course I hope I will learn alot with this Project. Thanks to everyone cheering me up! This really motivates!!

As Promised here the download link for a Linux executable File