Cowboy Game

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

My suggestion for licensing: If you want to release for learning purposes, you could release under a Creative CommonsAttribution-No Commercial-No Derivative Works , or a Creative Commons Attribution-No Commercial-Share Alike.

I didn’t saw your edit with the GNU/Linux executable file. That’s awesome :slight_smile: Thank you very much man!

I do have a question. How do i get a Keyboardinput into a variable?

This does not seem to work.

I wanted to use the keyboardinput as a second condition for an if-function

Thanks in advance.

get the object first.

o = c.owner
keyboard = o.sensors(‘sensorname’)

Great model man! It’s people like you who could go pro. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Wow very inspiring… now make a video tut to teach the rest of us :wink:

Why does he give the shocker?

hey everybody!!
Long time no updates. Unfortunatly I had not much time!! Here is a small Video I’ve uploaded on Youtube. Not that much new stuff! I’ve tried to improve the Control of the Charakter. It is now similar to the Controls of WorldOfWarcraft and other MMORPGS. Unforntunatly the Video is pretty fast. I don’t know how it comes. I’ve just converted the Video bevor uploading.
So here is the Link:

And I’ve started now my own Artblog. I will post there all Work I do. 3D and also 2D Art. Take a look. I hope I will get some readers from here!

Greetings Andreas

Even though it the vid is fast, those animations are amazing.

dude, thats amazing!
where can i find out howto bake highpoly info onto a normal map? ive looked around and cant find it :frowning:

@ xxeder: here is a normal mapping tut:

Great graphics mate! I loved the video. The walk cycle needs some work. I understand it was sped up - but there needs to be some shoulder movement and a fluidity in the arm movement.

Nice work!

Whoa! One of the most impressive things I’ve seen from the BGE.
Your running animation is awesome. So is the crouching animation.

The kids that go to that camp better appreciate how cool this is.

With how good your running animation is, I would suggest that part of the game involve a footrace.

actually, you discredit yourself with that comment… the walking/ running animation is one of the very few flaws of this wip. Still needs some polishing until you could call it awesome :wink:

i has a magnum, if you want it u canz have its.:yes:


Magnum.blend (168 KB)

cause when i put glsl mode on and put a lamp it looks the same as multitexture mode:(

if ur referring to me, i’m not sure wat you mean.

I say, jolly good so far!

On the cowboy model, the coloring is a combination of a good color map, normal mapping (and spec to, I hope), what’s probably a rim shader (a simple node shader that adds light around the edges by mapping a ramp to normals will do fine) and what looks like several lights, of various colors.

Also, make sure your objects have a texture at all, if an object doesn’t in GLSL mode, it reverts to using multitexture shading.

nice work!