Cowboy Game

Hey guys and gals,

Freakfrog14’s third game project and first announced project has started to come together (And in only two days of work!).

This game will be a fun third-person puzzle/shooter set in the American Old West. The character was made using UniHuman and the gun was taken off turbosquid.

Here are some screenies if anyone is curious. And I’ll post the .blend too.

RMB is shooting for now.

Oh! and might I add everything is logic bricks excepting, of course, the mouselook.


ha ha! Typical beginner mistake :stuck_out_tongue: That’s ok I did we were all beginners at some point :wink: You forgot to pack the data :\

File -> External Date -> Pack Data

btw, it looks good you should give us the keys to play :wink:

Wow, I feel foolish. Here is the better one!!.blend