Cowboy (hope to find a better name)

A few days ago I made this drawing:

and decided that I had to make it in 3d, so today i started off here is what i got so far

I know it is a bit early but let me know what you think, and C&C are most welcome.

'alls looking good to me :smiley: cant wait to see the update!

Thanks Felix, i’ll try to come with an update soon then;)

Looks like a good start, but I think by the end those bullets shouldn’t be straight and perfect. They should be rotated or in different places. Awesome work dude. BTW nice sketch

i will be looking up here sounds interesting

An original style. This will surely end as a great render.

Hey guys thanks for the replys.

About the bullets, really I just made these very fast, but I will take a look at there position later.

And here is a little update

Keep the comments coming;)

I absolutely love this guy! You’ve really got a lot of character going into this guy. I can’t wait to see him finished. And being the clean freak that I am when it comes to meshes, I love seeing a very stylized mesh but that retains good edgeloops for the most part.
Keep it up!

i really like the looks of this character, i think this has a lot of potential! i can imagine how hilariously that chin and neck would ripple around when he talks. of course good stoic cowboys don’t talk :wink:

Looks bad ass. Waiting for update :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, glad to here that I have a clean mesh from the master himself;)

Thanks, hehe yeah it would properly be quite amusing.


Keep the comments coming;)

Just saw that I misspelled the title, doh!

lol this guy is great. i love origional characters:yes:. cant wait to see this guy finished. are you gonna rig him?

thanks glad you like him, well I am properly gonner rig him but it will properly only be for posing.

A small update here

Let me hear what you think.,%20well%20when%20you%20get%20used%20to%20it,%20it%20really%20is%20quite%20straight%20forward.

The hat really adds to the character. Although, I’m feeling that it’s too flat. This guy seems like he’d go really well with a very defined (curved) cowboy hat. Could just be me though :slight_smile:

Oh and the top of the hat also seems a bit wide from the front.

Looking very good though!

I think “flat” is a part of his style mr_bomb =D

and yes, the edgeloops are incredibly great. I’ve yet to model a nose as well as you have here

cheerio ^^


I fixed the the hat, or at least for now it fits his head in the front view, maybe a more curved hat would look good, I’ll take a look at it.


Thanks man, and you are right about the hat, I was trying to catch a style with it.

That’s one great character. I was looking forward to seeing how you’d do the ears, but I was expecting something more in line with the rest of the long vertical face. Poking the ears out horizontally seems to change the character from a serious style to more of a humorous style.


Thanks man, well I never aimed for a serious style, with this guy, so glad that you find it amusing.

And here is the update for today, I’m not that pleased whit his body, but I doubt that i care for redoing it, since he is gonnawear clothes anyway.

Let me think what you think about it.

nice !! i wonder what topology will you make on hands

Thanks, about the hands, well sorry I didn’t had the time to make em to this update, you’ll have to wait for the next one;D

But heres the update

Let me hear what you think.