Cowboy konzept painting

my little sister is very passionated about horses so she asked me if I could paint a horse for her. So I started to paint this cowboy. In the beginning I did not wnted to spend as much time in it but with the time I just detailed it out. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK is this image well done? Are there any areas I could better? DO YOU PERSONALY like it?

Software used: Gimp
Aproximate time: 5hours

Have a nice day

love it ;D its awesome, I think you should make a poster out of this image

Thank you. What dou you exactly mean with a poster? A Blend work or what? Or do you mean i shall print it?

The only thing I see that looks a little weird is the back of the horse. I would say from the riders leg on back. It looks maybe a little small. Could be a perspective thing that is messing with me or something. It just looks like the back leg on the horse is too small compared to the rest of the body. Over all I think it is an awesome picture. I wish I had the skills that you do.

send it to a print comany (it should be pretty cheap) and have them print it on poster paper, then hang it on your wall!

And if you cant do it, then give me a few days to put my money on my card, and ill turn it into a poster, as long as I can have one too ;D

To me it looks right. I think it is because of the leg of the cowboy which is direct in front of it and than it blends probably to much in the background. Hmm the problem is I don´t know how i could fix this…
But thank you for your comment.

Hmm great idea. why not I think I will print it and put it on my wall. For you if you want to print it i could send you a high res version of the image. My version I will do at my dads office. Thank you for the idea!

if you would be willing to send it to me my email is [email protected]
:smiley: I would love to print it out on a very large scaled poster, so I think I will send it to and have them print it out on a very large poster! "D

I did just send it

oh ;D thanks!

quick question…
did you use a mouse or do you have a touchscreen or something of that sort.

very beautiful image design… if you put in a few more hours for detail it would be a master piece! Nice thing about comps is that you can keep going in to add detail

i think that qualifies in the real world too lol :D…I always add extra detail to drawings later :stuck_out_tongue:

I use a Bamboo pen from Wacom. Painting with a mouse is just to slow. I don´t like that.
Yeah that is true but a miss is that the display is to little, and zoomed in you cant see the hole picture at the time.

So i did worked a little on the cowboy again + i did some crazy layer try out and these are my results.

That is amazing. I wish I could do that with Gimp… :smiley:

Thank you very much.

lol and just when i got my poster :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice painting. Although, you really should use corel. You should have it, don’t you?