Cowfall [fun mini game]

Okay I started on this game yesterday and finished it today.

The model was already done for a previous project that I didn’t finish but apart from that everything is from scratch.

Using allot of python.

You have to pop the balloons when the basket is alligned with the balloon.
every cow you get into the basket you get 10 points, if the cow hit the floor you get -10 points.
The time left for each level will be half added to your time for the next level.
for every level the speed of the basket increases and the speed of the cows increases too.

Download Link

Please leave me your feedback


that was pretty awesome. nice one


hehe. I made a game where you had to pop balloons and catch them before they hit the ground.

Mine have COWS :wink:

dude, that’s awesome, nice job!

If every cow in the basket is 10 points and every cow out of it is -10 points… how did you managed to get 78 points (see screenshot)???

this is a nice game,

the only thing that is possible of improvment, as far as i can tell is the graphics overall.
the cosw and all look good, it is that you can use a good amount of more vertises in this
without a high fps drop at all. Also the car could be improved.

thats all , but it is still a nice game

greets equal

Thanks allot everyone.

@NoeOM: because the time you have left at the end will be added on as a score too. so the faster you do it the more extra points you get.

@Equal: yes I am not happy with the over all graphic. I only made it low poly because I was expecting it to be slow on my 512MB PC since I don’t use the lap top much but yeah if I made it with more poly, it wouldn’t decrease the fps dramatically.

This game is so addicting. Nice one dude! I’m already addicted to it.

Thanks allot younguser that made me feel soo much better :slight_smile:

Fun game! (added to

:smiley: Thats great new mate :wink: thanks

No problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice little demo! Very addicting lol. You should make a game where you pop balloons with darts!! Haha that’s a game I would play for sure! :stuck_out_tongue:

Super Fun!

Good Luck!..

old game but interesting