Cowtown: Commercial Blender Project

I have finally decided to post this, even though I did this project about this time last year. It was a simple project that I was contracted to do which was creating a logo for a new country and western clothing and furniture store starting up in a rural town in Queensland, Australia. The logo was then printed onto stationary, walls and the shop front.

Please note, that I only created the logo, the background that you see was then added by the company that printed the stationary.

This could have been done with any software package, 2D or 3D yet I found that blender was the quickest and easiest for my skill level. I believe it was a successful project and the client was also satisfied so I hope that you can enjoy it to!


Nice. What town? I have probably been there :smiley:

It’s good to see more and more commercial work being done in blender. And from such humble beginnings…

The town is Roma, its a few hundred kilometres west of Brisbane.

Thanks for the comments!


Beautiful model, don’t really see anything wrong with it.

How did you make the barbed wire, subsurf?