Cozy Study, lighting thoughts?

Ive been working on learning scene lighting better, any critiques and thoughts would be helpful!

Try to make desk and things on it to look more realistic by improving materials/textures.

Shadows are too dark imho.

It’s not so much that the shadows are too dark, but rather the scene lacks focus. Dynamic lighting like you have going should be used to bring focus on something important that you want to high-light. I’m not sure that the back of the chair is the most interesting thing in your scene.


When the human eye regards a scene, it immediately goes to the brightest and most contrasty thing, then seeks to trace a circular path through the scene that ends up where it started. Use this to plan your lighting so that the viewer regards the scene as you want him to.

Also: the “light through the louvers” needs to be a so-called “practical light.” It is something that we know from experience is “a source of light,” but it is not actually a primary lighting source within the scene. You need to provide adequate lighting within the scene, then use the louvers-pattern to add decoration to it.


I see what you mean, I wanted the bear to be the center on attention but with lighting on the chair back being so bright, that is totally where my eyes go when I first see it, I was trying to use the sun beams to direct your eyes motion path to the bear but it does kinda land on the chair. Thanks for the input. Time for some scene re-arrangement!