CPS Energy Savers


I’m Chris with JEH Productions. Earlier this year we did some web videos for them informing people how to be more energy efficient and save money on their energy bill.

We did four of these videos, but they only posted two, for now. So I will only be posting those.

Majority of the work is done in After Effects, but I did make some good use of Blender :slight_smile:

I took good advantage of the new tracker, which had just gone into trunk at the time. Used the After Effects exporter. There is also 2 or 3 shots I did completely in Blender.

One more disclaimer, the end tool wall ends really abruptly. What was supposed to happen is that the wall was supposed to keep playing out with the music and some funny VO snippets while the wall acted as a menu for all the videos. They just ended it after the slam instead.

If I can throw out a discussion topic here… are there any Blender After Effects users who are just as excited as I am about the new Element 3D plugin? :slight_smile:

Was the array of coins at the start of the second video an example of Element 3D plugin using models imported from Blender?

No these videos were done before Element came out, but you can do that bit with the coins in Element.

My two favorite Blender shots in the video are;

HVAC - opening shot with the air conditioner opening up.

Lifestyle - 1min 8sec

There’s a lot more Blender work in the videos, especially tracking, but those are my two fav Blender shots.