Cptial SHip - Numaria

WTF is it with me and starting new models before i finish the others :expressionless: LOL

well io geuss i like to do a different model every hour or day or something LOL.

This has a story behind it (the model)

In the Beggining, there was one, and only one idea, the great futuristic flame thrower, apon modelling, it soon became apparent it would suit a more plasma cannon name. So the modeller change it to a plasma cannon, and when he thought he had finished, it ended up looking like a spaceship, a few extra details here and there, delete some bits, and viola, here it is the great captial ship Numaria.


cannot view it. perhaps check it again ;(

what do u mean? i can view it fine? and i am on the other pc without the files on