CPU advice requested

I currently have an AMD R5 1600 (AE model, not the newer Zen+ AF model) running on a MSI B450 motherboard. My GPU has just been upgraded to a GTX 1660 Super, which has quartered the rendering time of my old GPU (GTX 1050ti).

I’m debating whether to upgrade the CPU. My initial thoughts were to go for a R7 3700x, but I’m now wondering if it is going to make much of an improvement over my R5 1600, or whether I should just go for the 2700x. I only need it for modeling because I use the GPU for rendering, and I don’t think even the 3700x will match the GTX 1660 super for rendering.

Any thoughts, anyone?


Threadripper… hehe… just kidding

if the R7 3700 will require to replace the motherboard then don’t go for that and save your funds.

If you are not Hybrid rendering (CPU+GPU) then no need to spend much on the CPU.

If you plan to do fluid simulation then upgrade might be warranted, else viewport is still driven by the GPU.

I’d personally save money for GPU as that would cut rendering times far more then any CPU upgrade.


Thanks Grzesiek. You put it into perspective for me.