CPU and Cycles question

Is there any way to get cycles to render just a bit faster under the CPU? My graphics card isn’t compatible for gpu rendering (need to look into a new one).

Are there any other render settings aside from telling it no caustics and taking the diffuse down to 1 to make it go a little quicker? Course when I tested that I didn’t really notice a difference in speed.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Don’t use any Glossy shaders. If you do, set their roughness value to 0.0. Use less lights.

I too have issues with the hourglass and the pinwheel. Developers should remove those features from the OS, no one really wants them anyway.

If you’re more hardcore. What you could try is to render it on a linux based system (if you are not already doing so).
I’ve noticed cycles CPU render times cut by AT LEAST 30% by rendering in blenderboot/blenderbuntu.


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I run on a windows system and can’t run gpu until I can find a card compatible with my machine that isn’t going to blow it up since it’s our only desktop computer. I don’t think I can run more than one OS on this one.

The one file I was rendereing the glass didn’t have anything else on it aside from the glass material with roughness of 0, no caustics, and only had 2 lights on either side of the camera.

Suppose I could tinker around with it more and see if I can speed it up just a little bit. Trying to render out one object at hd size at 100% to take 4 hours or more seems a bit odd to me. Others that I’ve read on the forums have way more stuff in their scene takes 6 which I can understand the time on those just not the one little object in front of a background plane that I was doing just doesn’t make sense to me.

Reduce the amount of faces/verts; if u can turn down subsurf, that can help too.

Just looked at my file and reduced the subsurf down to 1 had something ridiculous like 19000 verts and 20000 faces. I’ll have to do a test render to see if it’ll take less time to do. Right now messing with the materials to get something decent. Thanks :slight_smile: