CPU caching problem

My computer has been crashing under to much stress lately.(like, several months) I am starting to get frustrated. When I turn my computer on it gives me a message saying My CPU does not have caching setup. My CPU is an, Intel i5 sandy bridge 2500k. Also, my power supply is only 550 watts. Could that be affecting it? My other hardware is:

GPU: Radeon HD 2600 pro
Ram: Kingston Red, two 4gb sticks
CPU cooler: Stock Intel cooler
HDD: 320 normal type

I can only render about 500 frames of a Blender live action composite without my CPU failing. I need to render much more.
I would appreciate your help

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99.9% it is CPU overheat. Try run with open case.

Get a program like Core Temp and let us know what your temps are as well

Is core temp on Linux?

you can use Gkrellm as GUI

I know it is not over heating
It is a problem with CPU caching

(Assuming Ubuntu/Debian) You can get information on your cpu cache with


dmidecode -t cache

You will need superuser privileges for the last one. They will tell you what the cache is and whether it is enabled.

The error message may be coincidental and the crash is possibly caused by something else. Possibly you have a hardware fault, possibly its a memory leak. You said “I can only render about 500 frames of a Blender live action composite without my CPU failing.” What lead you to believe it is the cpu? Having cpu cache disabled is more likely to affect render times than the number of frames rendered.

Thanks for the help Organic. The reason I believe it is my CPU is because, when my computer crashes it give me CPU errors. I could have a memory leak, if so, how do I find out and how do I fix it?

Blender should release the memory used to render at the end of each frame. A memory leak causes some of that to be retained, so that memory usage gradually builds up, until after n frames are rendered there is no more available memory. Normally, at this point Blender crashes. It isn’t something you can fix, as it would be a Blender or Cycles code issue.

Since your whole system crashes it sounds like you have a hardware problem. Overheating would have been my first guess too.

Why not share the error messages, logs, etc, maybe someone can help…

I’ll try to crash my system, like normal. I’ll probably have the photo up tomorrow.

Sorry I have not gotten those images to you guys, but, I FIXED MY PROBLEM!!! :yes:
It all came down to power it appears. I decided this morning that I was going to look in the BIOS and try to see if I can fix it. I tried this before but I was playing it safe, so it did nothing. I finally decided to try anything. I disabled every power saving system there was. And I switched my system into “performance mode”. Now My computer is working better then ever. :slight_smile: I can’t believe it. So if your computer is crashing every time you try to render go into the BIOS and try disabling every power saving system and just go for performance.
Thanks to all you guys that tried to help me, I really appreciate it.
Till next time,

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