CPU Cooler Render

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo Black Edition Render made with Blender 2.79 @ 1000 samples.Render time: 4:10:10.

Critiques are welcome!


It would be cool if you made the floor less rough to create a reflection. Also, I think u could render this picture with 500 samples and if there is any noise then use the denoiser in the compositor tab.

Hey, thank you! Nice to see ur comment! Since my laptop cannot use blender 2.8x I am put in a forces situation to use 2.79 :pensive:

How come ur laptop can’t use it?

I have Intel HD Graphics with 32MB VRAM, no dedicated GPU. OpenGL v4.0 But still when opened and I click somehting or somewhere one the interface, there is an immediate crash.

Looks good, but that circle is begging for a mis-aligned sticker.

What circle? U mean the centre of the fan? In this cooler master cooler, there is no logo at the centre of the fan circle.