CPU core usage/Blender

There’s a strange issue I have with Blender that seem to occur randomly. When doing certain tasks in Blender (mostly motion tracking), the 4th CPU core loads to 100% and doesn’t come down unless I close Blender.

Have anyone else experienced this? If so, is there a solution?

System specification:
AMD Phenom II X4
Corsair 16 GB RAM
Geforce 560 Ti

Sound like a hung thread. It might be worth bug reporting. Try using a new version from graphicall.org to verify it is still a problem. DO other applications exhibit similar problems?

There is a machine where I work that exhibits a similar problem. When I launch After Effects one of the CPUs goes to 50% and just stays there. Even after I have closed the app. I have to force quite the thread to recover performance. And it is only on that machine, others work fine. My guess is that that machine has a bad memory chip.

Actually, I’ve been experiencing this roughly since the motion tracker was officially merged (I think), or slightly prior to that. It only happens when using Blender, and the occurrence is totally random, which makes it difficult to recreate and pinpoint the cause. As I wrote earlier, it’s easily resolved by simply shutting down Blender, but it gets it’s rather annoying.

I’ve tried different builds on several occasions, but never really experienced that problem. Likely because I’ve only used them for trying out new features, and not actual work. I’ll give it another try though and see what happens. Otherwise I’ll post a bug report. :slight_smile: