CPU for Blender: Intel i5-9600K or i7-9700k?

Hi everyone

First of all, if this topic is in the wrong thread please let me know.

I need to update CPU, motherboard and also Ram in my personal pc that I use for work, I mainly use Blender for modelling, retopo, rendering etc but I also use a lot other software such as Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter and Photoshop.

I usually do few renders and I’m satisfied with my new GPU performance (Msi rtx 2070 super), my main focus is modelling, usually in very high poly and a lot of textures, retopology, baking, texturing etc

I have at the moment an Intel i7 4790 and 16 gb of Ram ddr3 (I’ve assembled this pc in 2015 circa and now is really old), but I’ve honestly no idea if for what I need is better focus on a great CPU or a lot or RAM.

Regarding the CPU I’m undecided between the Intel i5-9600K and the i7-9700k, a different price target but I don’t want neither the top of the market (I don’t usually do gigantic project, I don’t know how to overclock and I’m not a big gamer also), regarding the Ram at the moment due to a tight budget and other outgoing I’m looking for 32gb that I’ll eventually upgrade to 64 in the future.

I’m currently working with both Blender 2.79 and 2.82 for different projects.

Can you please help me choose wich of this two could be better for my needs?

Thank you in advance for any respose.

Blender 2.82 sculpting is multithreaded. Extra cores would help. 2.79 is not. 10% difference iin speed is nothing to look at. 20% is something to look at. You can check passmark scores and see the average test results for the two cpu in comparison. Better yet, look at the clock, buss speed. This can tell you how much faster a single core is. I would compare this with your current cpu. You might find out it’s enough.

What is there to decide? 9700k has more cores and clock speed, it’s better in all regards. Although if you don’t want to mess with overclock then a 9700f non k might be a better option, the speed difference is pretty small compared to 9700k stock, so you might as well save some money if you are still undecided on the 9700k. Just remember to buy a cooler if you go for 9700f, the stock cooler is not enough to cool it.

You might consider counting the time with the speed difference. If it’s 20% faster, how many mintues are saved in 5 minutes? Probably not worth investing. However, more cores is a jump in speed with 2.82.

Well Hylzalker you’re right.

I was undecided between this two CPUs because online some people says that the i7 didn’t worth the price, but after some other research I find out that this is partially true only in gaming because most games didn’t use this kind of CPUs at best.

I’ve searched also for the F model but in my country the price difference is very small and is difficult to find, the K version on the other hand is much avaible so I’ll go with that.

Anyhow I’ll not use 2.79 for long, so I’ll prefer focus on a better purchase for the future.

Thanks to both of you for the response, very useful!
Now will start the boring part, choose the mobo. :smiley: