Cpu gpu

So, should i go for a
970 and 6 core i7 or
980 and 4 core i5?

i want to have solid preformance while working with blender and other softwares related to CG editing and rendering, and fine preformance during gaming.

I would choose option 1. The GPU won’t be quite as powerful (though still quite decent), but a lot of multimedia tasks among other things are still very dependent on the CPU.

Hi, if you are in this budget range it is may interesting to think about a CPU only system with 8 Cores and a small display card.
You have all Cycles features no memory limits and full power for SSS and volumetrics.

Cheers, mib

na i dont have that big budget, thats why im not going for a 6 core and 980, i dont think i need both though.
so far it seems like i should go for the CPU rig, maybe ill go down to 960, only issue is that it only has 2gb og vram :confused:

970 and 6 core i7
More future proof, more suitable for scenes which don’t fit into your cards memory and scope for future expansion next year when a better card comes out

maybe ill go down to 960, only issue is that it only has 2gb og vram :
Forget about it, you’ll just get crippled when rendering by anything but simple scenes

First you buy the best CPU you can and good amount of RAM. Use the integrated Intel graphics or cheap dedicated GPU until you can raise/save money to buy a good GPU.

With six cores you mean 12 threads, right ?. Which CPU do you plan to buy?

There are GTX 960 with 4GB vRAM, but if you buy a very good CPU, GTX 960 makes no sense. You save money and then when you can, buy the best GPU you can (for now GTX 980 Ti, but perhaps when you achieve raise the money for the GPU will be other new models):

thanks for the replies.
YAFU i dont beleave in going for “the best”, i take what i need. and so far it seems like the 6core is a good idea, together with a 970 for proper gaming preformance. i dont need a titan so yeah… passing on that.

the 6core will probably last for a while too.