CPU hangs after opening BA site

After opening BlenderArtists main page it becomes the only possible task for CPU as it takes almost all its time, 90-100%. I didn’t experience this up until yesterday.
Any subpages like the one for support work faster but I have to address them directly via address field.
The load can be different levels - on subpages it is behaving below 30% CPU. On the main page (sometimes on others as well) CPU is taken for 100%. After some time page and browser can stop responding.
When homepage is opened the most loading browser processes are Background page (50%), Browser (22%), tab itself (16%).
If I try to open DevTools there are a lot of rows in console “##number## timeout rescheduled” where ##number## is a digit like 55, 20, 63 etc.
On the main page DevTools takes a whole lot of RAM as well and browser crashes.
I try to open the site now using Vivaldi browser (Chromium engine) 2.3.1440.41 version, Win7, 2.2GHz CPU.
Could anyone tell what is the possible reason for this?

UPD After testing the site on Chrome I see there’re no problems from what I tried. So it looks like the problem is with my browser. Great. I still would like to know any possible solutions / workarounds for this as I don’t intend to change the browser.

Hmm that might be related to the new ad block I added today. I’ll add a limiter to it.

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That’s interesting though for some reason is related to the browser I use. I hope it can be stopped somehow from laying down on this site. It is also a thing that while I write this page isn’t loading; subtopics are not heavy.

Could you try again please? I don’t have Vivaldi here, but it should give up after a few tries now.

Be sure to do a hard reload on the page to fetch the new scripts.

Yep, nothing I can spot now, it works normally. Thanks