Cpu or graphics card?

What affects the 3d modeling process the most? graphics card or the cpu?

i think they both play a very important part in it you cpu handles a lot of the general overhead of the program and then your gpu handles things that are linked to the ogl shader

For me it’s

GPU - Modeling / Interface
CPU - Render Speed

ya ill have to test mine, see if i can find a difference, I just didn’t know if i need a new gpu.

As far as I know your gpu really affects your speed of working on the scene (the 3d view, opengl etc. So with a good gpu you will be able to handle more polys while creating the scene.) But I don’t think the gpu affects rendering at all, since it is not actually a ‘graphics’ process, but a calculation. So its pretty much the cpu that renders.

That is what I’ve heard, and experienced.

I recently changed my CPU from a P4 3Ghz to a Quad core 2.4Ghz and a model that used to take me 1 min 15 sec per frame now takes me 25 sec. So, I have to say CPU does most if not all the rendering.

This must have been stated at least 5 000 times on this forum: “A GPU does not do any rendering”
You could render any scene without a gpu. Rendering is done by cpu and ram.

Hard question. When modelling, both processors are needed. A good graphics card enables you to work on high poly meshes with sufficient fps. On the other hand, you want to somehow affect the mesh, and this is the area for CPU. For modelling, bot are needed, e.g. you have a dense mesh and want to select a loopcut. For this only CPU is used, not GPU. But I think most people have problems with insufficient power of their graphics cards, because displaying all the triangles is essential for work. You can wait a bit for the selection…

Since nobody clarified earlier, and no offense but your post is too short to say if you know this or not, but the GPU is the graphics card, and the CPU is the processor.