Cpu vs gpu

How does cpu vs gpu work with blender. Is it better to have a really great gpu and use a cheap cpu or to use a really great super cpu and not worry about gpu at all?

That really depends on what you are doing in Blender.
Bottom line is if you are mostly rendering and don’t care about scene size than you want the fastest GPU you can afford.
If you are doing a lot of high-poly sculpting, simulations, particles, or generally high-poly stuff - you need both good CPU for compute/baking and good GPU for rendering and acceleration in some specific parts of Blender.

I wouldn’t go for good CPU and slow CPU because that would cripple and limit scene construction and data handling during work.

For general use case the most common strategy is higher-mid-end CPU and high-end GPU/s.

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Get at least a RTX3060, rendering BMW scene it is something like 15 sec vs 3min in a CPU
If you are buying a laptop check the TDP wattage of the Nvidia card because you might have 2/3 of performance or even less despite the same model branding.

I had read your advice earlier and it really put things into perspective but I recently got another question as in is 8 core always better than 4 or does it depend. Example like for rendering is 8 cores with 2000 per thread better than 4 cores with 5000 per thread.

Depends on what you are doing.

With your example for rendering It depends on the GHz of the CPU when running at full throttle, but generally for rendering more cores will be better.

Not all tasks are multi threaded so sometimes you will need good single core performance as well.

Are you referring to say doing the modeling or rendering in general?

Rendering is multi threaded

Modelling is mostly single threaded, though as far as I know there can be some tools and operations that are multi threaded.

Hopefully this answers your question.

Thx for the help. The hz is all that matters. What is the point of the thread score?

Where are you getting this thread score number from?


I would recommend not putting too much emphasis on such websites. I think those numbers are generated from benchmarking CPUs on their software, which won’t translate well to actual usage.

You are better off looking at reviews where the CPUs are tested on a variety of software (Professional and gaming). A lot of reviews do test the render performance of CPUs in Blender.

I’m not a PC gamer at all it’s just a small work PC.