CPUs Under Utilized During Render


Does anyone have tips for increasing CPU utilization? I’ve got a 6 core system and was hoping for great things in terms of render times. I’m rendering a simple smoke test and my CPU utilization goes to (at best) about 40% per core! …and memory about 20% (of 8 gig).

Are there any settings in blender or else where that I should consider? I’m running 64bit ubuntu 10.10.

Thanks much Blender gurus!

well, your cpu may just not be your bottleneck. Unless its taking excessive amounts of time for simple renders don’t worry about cpu usage as for your ram, that really shouldn’t be filled unless your doing something crazy like a fluid sim at 1200 resolution. Really you would be better off with less ram and tighter timings.

Set the “threads” instead of 6 that is auto , to manual 16-or maximum. Then your render will use 100% CPU and 100% Ram. But be warned to check the temps of your CPU cause it is posible to burn in to much at 100% CPU on all cores if you have a low cooler.

Hi, you could try a build with “openmp” enabled, this is better for fluid and smoke simulations.

But the smoke simulation is not 100% paralel, this is not possible. I could use 2,5 -3 cpu from my quad core.

Cheers, mib

Thanks a lot guys! I’m only doing simple things right now and cranking up the threads is definitely helping—64 threads puts me at about 60% utilization and about 3.5 frames per sec…much better than it was.