Crâ Dofus character


I’have worked on a character about Dofus game, her name is Crâ
Here a render

And mesh

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pretty neat :slight_smile:

@[email protected] she is so cute

Very nice.

bravo, jolie, boen stylée, belle topologie.
faut que ça bouge maintenant

Wonderful render. You did a nice job capturing her likeness.

Steve S

Great character, she has a lot of personalty for a still render.
The topology looks great, perfect for a game character.
Good Job

Sweet! I love stuff like this!

Thank you everyone. I’m happy you like her.

pieriko If i have time, i would like to animate her.
The rig is here

But i must add some bones on hairs and i would change the skirt because it is on movement for this pose.

mickeyjoe this model have 18119 vertices whithout subdiv. Is it to much for a game ? I think yes but i’m not a profesionnal game modeler.


Your character is beautiful!

I’m not a pro with games, but Id say 18,119 verts is good for a main character. You can always remove edge loops if you need to.

Sweet girl and great render too !

Good luck for games.

Very nice work!

Cute Character, and a very nice line effect. It works very naturally. I hope you animate her.

That is a very cute character, and she is dressed well for the Dofus world. But don’t Dofus girls have wider hips and legs, and larger hands? And where are her arrows?

Hope the game version works out. Great job

And five stars ! Well done ! :wink:

Beutiful modeling and a very cute character.

Tank you very much everybody.

But don’t Dofus girls have wider hips and legs, and larger hands? And where are her arrows?

You are right, i should have to enlarge hips, legs and hand too. Dofus cra character is like that.I have try to exaggerate this.
My reference didn’t have arrows but it would be better to have some arrows and quiver too…

very good job!

What a cutie! Nice topology and great facial expression.

Please don’t :slight_smile: