Just a cycles doodle I whipped up today, thought I’d share.

Nice work - maybe a tree root or a bigger plant as cracking device could be more plausible.

Not a bad idea there tobra, might just do something like that tomorrow or something.

As a side note, I’m really starting to enjoy Cycles more and more. This one was a mere 268 passes. Probably could’ve let it cycle a few more times, but I couldn’t wait for that post-processing goodness :smiley:

Excellent suggestion, the root really rounds out the doodle. I also smoothed out some of the rocks and sharpened some of the crack’s edges.

Actually, you don’t need plants to crack a street or a sidewalk (just a bit of wear and tear from traffic and freezing water). Plant seeds will then often fall through them and start growing, something making the crack bigger).

As for the scene, it’s not bad though the texture resolution seems a little low in spots.

Yeah, I need to stock up on some higher res concrete textures.