Cracken/Orc/Ladro (Bird) ~ Ricardo Viana




I made these render have few time. I want you criticize about each image and my render style.

Thank you. (:

I love all of them because they look funny (in a good way of course) and you can probably make a short movie out of these characters. But I think the water bubbles on the first one look like diamonds instead of water bubbles though. Perhaps too many “cuts” ?

Thank you. I really had some problems with the bubbles but this is the best material that I made, maybe more curves and random extrudes can improve the bubbles but I’m busy in others renders now. Thank you for the opinion. (:

Very nice creatures, I lake the ORG most.
Also very nice picture composition and idea, you have to have a second view to understand what happend. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib.

Oh, thank you! Finally somebody that have understood what I want, the “second view”! :smiley: