cracking things

I am experimenting recently with modeling cracked surfaces (the result below). Although the modeling technique I am using is fast and gives moderate results I am curious - is there faster way of doing this?
I will add a demo video of the technique a.s.a.p.
Edit: Forgot to crack the cube :slight_smile:


there is a texture with some craking features -veroni crakle
but still these craks are not 3D they are only flat texture
3D would be nice for some sort of texturing
but never seen a script for that yet!


Looks really nice! I am very interested to see how you did this. I highly doubt that it was using a texture, but I could be wrong.

Just wondering, are those elements 3D, such that they include the volume of the object? :smiley:

No, I am not using Voronoi texture for the modeling. I can’t get it to look as I want it to look :). The above is pure modeling.

Here is an interesting article I found about crack patterns:
It will be nice if such modifier or sript could be available for Blender.

I am thinking about softbodies and explode modifier as way of creatig cracked surfaces but never tried :slight_smile:

egan : This is 100% 3D. Only the surface is modeled with a given depth to some extent, but the models aren’t solid (they’re hollow inside).

hehe that could be a nice archeological puzzle. One has to glue randomly placed parts back to its former place and get the artifacts reassembled.

i did ex[periment ounce or twice with the explode modifier
but this explode your model after a certain event like a bullet hitting the object

but it will simply explode and that;s it - don’t know how you can use this to make crak in a model
but it would definitively be a good modifier addition to blender !

Aww, too bad. :frowning:

So are you going to tell us how you did it? Perhaps retopo?

No Retopo used, just a special sequence of procedures that gives the result in minutes. I will add a tutorial on this soon as well as recorded video of the technique.
Meanwhile … another test… on Suzanne :slight_smile:

Here is a nice find from RickyBlender
The topic here:
Just in case somebody wants to try with Voronoi Crackle texture


Here is one method of generating cracked surface:

This one is best suitable for flat surfaces.

Here is the second variant:

For higher resolution of both videos download from here:

hey by the way do you have a file for the suzanne scracked up model

i like the style of the lines on her face

and for anothere subject more practical
do you know lots about columns and architrave
how is the corner organized ?
i mean if you have beams the same widht than diameter of columns then there is a problem there -
i was trying to do a model of the parthenon and don’t know how to do the corner columns with beams

anyway if you have anything on this subject let me know
i 'v put a post for the parthehon in WIP

Salutaitons & Thanks

Hi RickyBlender!
I don’t think I keep the models anymore. I also didn’t saved that for the video tutorial. If you follow the steps in the videos above you could create your own unique model in a minute.
About the Parthenon. I am not fammiliar with architecture especially with ancient architecture :slight_smile: - just interested in any modeling chalenges that may appear. I will follow your WIP and will try to help if possible.

you don’t happen to be near to the parthenon
would be nice to click a nice pic of the corner inside !