Crackpot Scientists Theory collection thread, i start

Please post interesting, privately researched, unproven, hard to prove, unpopular theories here.To keep this thread from turning into a “trollodrome” please refrain to post anything which could be considered total nonsense for example that the earth is moving instead of the sun as already old Martin Luther had remarked:

See Signore Galilei:

It is obvious that the sun is moving, cause every morning it rising in the east, travels over the sky, and set in the west. And, hm, do i move, no, cause if i did i could at least feel it, right? So stop telling us such a complete nonsense Galileo or you be incarcerated soon. Ok, since then we know that the earth is a disk with water around it.

But apart from that feel free to post anything. I will start with a contribution which states that lefthanders might be the better artists. See here:

What do you think? Nonsense or not?

I knew a few left handed people, but none of them were good artists…

I’ve actually seen a few books on this, however, it still isn’t common practice to train right handed people to use their left hand when painting/drawing/skulpting, so I think it probably is bogus. However, something I do believe in is that left handed people have a faster reflex in their left hand (for instance when playing tennis), because the right half of the brain is directly responsible for this kind of thing. Thus, if you hold the racket in your right hand, the signal has to be first put through the left hemisphere to eventually end up in the right one…

The Pravda (or, in English, “The Truth”) is well known to throw in a lot of bogus stories worthy of the National Enquirer without breaking its straight face.

If you can’t find it from any other news sources, that’s a sure sign it’s bogus.

I don’t know many left-handed people, but most of the ones I did know weren’t really all that exceptional in the art department. In fact, one left-handed person I knew had the absolute worst handwriting I have ever seen.

I’m right-handed, but I’m in the process of training myself to be ambidextrous.

Don’t forget that a lot of left-handed people are forced to be right-handed.

It may not be true in most of the US anymore, but children are taught how to hold a pencil in elementary school, and often that means using the right hand.

Also, our society is almost exclusively right-hand-oriented. For example, the design of a keyboard puts function clusters (numeric keypad, arrow keys, etc.) on the right. It hasn’t been too many years either that swapping the mouse from right to left has been a common capability. (One example.)

There might be some small truth in the left/right physiological capability, but I think that training surpasses that advantage past the age of six.

I’m ambi, but my left-handwriting is atrocious, only because I’ve been writing with my right hand all my life: the muscles in my right hand have been finely attuned to the small muscle movements required for writing, but the left has been left mostly undeveloped in that area.

My point: there’s a direct correlation between using a limb (or producing artwork) and the capacity to do so.

/me rereads first post/
Yeah! Left-handed people are moody, uber-talented, arrogant snots. (Wish I was one of em).
/me hopes you take facetiety/

/me desperately tries to think of a conspiracy/

Duoas: my handwriting sucks either way! Hence I learned to touch type at an early age.


Duoas: my handwriting sucks either way! Hence I learned to touch type at an early age.


:o That’s hilarious. :smiley:

I learned to touch-type by programming, so I’m still a little slow when typing normal things (like research papers)… :frowning:

Another crackpot theory.


well, if i remember there was a guy who was in favor of blowing up the moon because it would make the earth always temperate or something. this is just stupid because we would have no more seasons and a lot of the natural life would die out.
i dont have a link so your just going to have to trust my word on this one.

About the first link…

I’m left handed and I haven’t seen many others throughout my life…

UNTIL I started going to my current ARTS high school. Almost 50% of the people are left handed. No kidding…

WTF how does the moon affect seasons that much. ???

it gives the earth its axial tilt (if i recall), well anyway taking it away would correct our tilt.

Uh, not as far as I know.
Granted, the Earth “wobbles” a little bit, but I don’t think this gives us our seasons. :-?
I may be wrong…

the whole reason that we have seasons is because the earth has abot a 10 degree tilt. it doesnt move in relation to the sun so we get less light when were tilted away from the sun and it gets colder. then we move to the other side of the sun (half a year later) and we are tilted in towards the sun and get more light ,thus hotter seasons. the equator recieves more or less the same ammount of light all year round so it stays more of less the same temperature.

so if we didnt have any tilt it would be one big season the whole year long with the areas close to the polar caps being colder than the equatorial zones.
if that didnt make sense, google it.

Yes, that’s true. The earth’s tilt is the cause for the seasons. But the moon has little to nothing to do with the tilt.

You might be thinking of ocean tides. However, correct me if I’m wrong.

It, somewhat, stabilizes the tilt. Taking the moon away would cause the axis of the Earth to wooble. Likely the effects would be measurable over, say, 10,000 years.

Seriously, though, how much energy do you think is required to blow up the moon? The Moon is 7 * 10^28 kg which must be accellerated to an escape speed of 2.38 km/s.

The earth’s axis already does wobble, though it’s scarcely noticable. I’m not exactly sure when, but because of that wobble, Polaris will no longer be considered the North Star. Our axis will be pointing towards another nearby star instead.

Of course, we’re talking about millions of years from now. So you won’t be able to see it. Sorry. I’m sure it will be very exciting.

Thank you all for your contributions. But what about some theories which you discovered?
Please post them, hijack this thread with them, cause you can do that only if they are interesting enough.

If you drop buttered toast it ALWAYS lands butter side down. Dont give me any scientific numbers and stuff it just does. ok.