New to Blender artist and I thought I would introduce myself with my latest project which is my first Human character that I also attempted to make fit for video games. The idea is that he would take part in some kind of zombie game as a survivor. I used myself as reference images with the clothing I would wear encase of zombie infestation, thats why I decided to use my online name as the character name (that and I’m bad at coming up with names). However I did not use my face to UV map the characters head.

With no formal training yet, I learn from people online just like you, so all constructive criticism is wanted.

just over 10k tris although I rendered this model in quads.
fully UV textured using PS CS5

Wow, nicely done :slight_smile: I think the proportions of the character a little off (head is too big) but for a game I think you could get away with it.

And welcome to BlenderArtists :smiley:


10k seems a bit much for a game, if you were going to make it more optimized, where would you cut down on the tris?

The model you showed can not be 10k tris…seriously…

Anyway, CC: the proportions of your model are a bit off, legs seem to short and his arms way to short. If you lower your arms along your body, the should reach beyond your hip. Yours seem to stop above waist height. And your head is a weee bit oversized

Felt graffiti artist at the first picture - nice! :smiley:

Thanks for the tips Coen I will keep those in mind.Your right it isn’t 10k tris. I went back to check and it’s closer to 11k but not quite there. 10822 tries to be exact. Wire frame to help prove it.

Looking good Craft!

Great to see the full finished character here. I really like the design and the mask, jacket and shoes stood out to me as well executed.

For future game characters, some things you could do to improve even more on this…

You’ve already converted to tri’s, but while in quad form, you could even ‘alt+RMB’ click on a loop and then ‘X’ and ‘edge loop’ to any edge loops that wont need a lot of deformation. Things like between the elbow and shoulder, wrist and elbow, and maybe even 2 horizontal loops out of the torso. Basically anything between joints, work to get the least amount of polygons possible. The mask you have here when smoothed will probably look about the same with 25% of the tris. Check some other game character wireframes for inspiration!

Also I do agree with some other comments, the proportions are a little off. Never be afraid to stretch, squash and scale limbs and other parts of your character if you’ve made some mistakes while modelling. For this character the torso and head seems just a little too big compared to the limbs. When I model characters I’ll spend quite a bit of time making sure my proportions are good before adding details, like a good foundation of a building, it can save you a lot of work trying to push and pull things later =)

Great stuff, cant wait to see more of your work!