Crafter goes open source!

Crafter goes GPL!

I’m proud to present the sources of Crafter, by popular demand :smiley:

Crafter is an object oriented shader tree system with a smooth interface. It exports to YafRay and VirtuaLight. Support for renderman renderers could be added quite easily. Most of the development went into the creation of a good interface for shader creation.

Crafter is meant to be integrated into Blender, but was developed as a standalone app to speed up development. The source is provided as a Visual C++ 5.0 workspace, but it should easily port to linux and apple, because the only external library used is the very porteable opengl.

I’m releasing the sources because it would be a shame to let crafter die because of the lack of time for the development. Hopefully, Crafter will be integrated in Blender along with YafRay. And other people might be interested in the all opengl GUI source.

For more information on crafter, check
Get your copy of the sources at

Have fun,

Wybren van Keulen
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Looks great. I have been following some of the progress on this at YAFray forum and I think I have seen some of it here. Looks very promising.

Thanks for sharing and thanks for making this.



holy chiznit…that’s awesome!!!

I would love to see this integrated into Blender (along with Yafray).

Hang in there. It’s coming! :smiley:


W00tw00tw000000000t!! :smiley:

uh, this is cool, but
it is REALLY slow on an xp system I use

Could you tone down the transparency (maybe an option) to make it preform in a usuable maner? (I wonder if alpha testing would be faster than alpha blending…)

oh, and the opengl-generated cursor can be annoying, especially on slower systems.

blender’s interface is simple enough that it doesn’t have the same preformance issues. I like it that way, though yours looks cool (I liked the rgb bars…), I think it could be toned down for preformance.

Yeah… Its very slow unless you have good 3D acceleration. I would love to see the graphical elements in it toned down and made a lot faster. I would love to have just flat bars and menus to make it faster… some systems I run Blender on do not have the best 3D acceleration and blender still runs fine but crafter almost kills the cpu. Still… its a great program and once familiar with the idea makes making textures & materials very intuitive. And the cursor should just be the OS cursor like in blender and most other programs. My opinions…

Hi, people!

Thanks for the over-all positive comments!

People actually have slower pc’s than mine? I’m amazed. I took my own pc as a minimum requirement. It’s an 800 MHz with a Geforce2GTS. Don’t you guys think this is quite minimal for working with 3d? But I guess maybe the tranparency of the windows is a bit over done, it’s nice but you rarely see it. And I heard a lot of complaints about the slow mouse.

I also think things could be sped up a lot with opengl lists, I didn’t use them but once.

Have fun,

Wybren van Keulen

Hey, Crafter appeared on the front page of! :smiley:

Not only insidecg, but as well!

and on

wow, wavk :slight_smile:


hey wavk!

congratulations :smiley:

I never thought your project would went this far,
I can only say, Bingo!! and 5 thumbs up, or as people now use to say:
I give it, five/5 ztonzies :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z !!!


ps. lol, I never thought my nick would actually make milestone for elysiun, or more like, Blender community :smiley: oh lol…what the heck :wink: !!

Yeeha! The news is really spreading:) I like it. Haha I got five ztonzies, that’s never happened to me befor, I’m so honoured :smiley: Hey 3dvf, I didn’t see that yet!

z3r0 d: Could you try this version?

It’s got almost no transparency and an os mouse. It’s a lot less pretty, but tell me if it’s fast enough. I could cut it down with the skinning, but that would mean a lot of work.

Have fun,

Wybren van Keulen

hey, your’e welcome :smiley: !