Craig's 2d painting in Blender

(michalis) #21

Really impressive.
All these in blender… wow
Interesting concept. Are you gonna model it?

(Craig Jones) #22

That i sthe idea - I want to model my ideas, but first I want to be able to just express the forms with paint. I have a bend toward syfy, but I also want to experiment with painting scenery.

(Craig Jones) #23

Here is another rough - the other work is on my computer at home, so I guess I need to start using the dropbox to share with my laptop


(Craig Jones) #24

Here is a touch up with the layering and texture overlays


(jmusicvibe) #25

Nice man. really loving it.

(Craig Jones) #26

Here for fun really quickly


(Sanctuary) #27

You’re really skilled with pencilling, that’s amazing.
You’ll have to try to apply your compositing painting technique to 3D models to see if you can obtain the same nice results with it.

(JuhaW) #28

Nice images, u save time just drawing them, not modelling and u have beautifull oil paint rendering engine :slight_smile:

(Craig Jones) #29

As far as using the same techniques on a model - sure, that is already the case when working on uv textures. Very early on I learned to bake the materials and procedurals to an image and then paint on top of them, just now with the stencil painting and alpha masking, you have an easier way to paint details and interesting bits.

I do see Blender as a wonderful 2d app that has an incredible 3d dimension to it - in that if you really think about it, we have the ability to do way more than the average 2d painting app since we can add 3d geometry directly into our painted works, or we can paint an idea and flesh it out in 3d and then texture it with both 2d and 3d elements. If we get native svg textures… Oh My Blender, I might have to get a heart check up.

(Craig Jones) #30

my spaceship meditation technique - was stressed about stuff tonight, so I drew this while everyone was talking at work. I include the first iteration since it can kinda go several directions from that point, and then the last I have so far so you can see which direction I went.


(r4ytrace) #31

very nice - I shall check the tut when I get home - I’m just wondering - what are the advantages to using blender as a 2d painting program? or do people just do it as a ‘proof of concept’?

(Craig Jones) #32

Advantages? hmmm…

  1. It is already in my favorite program, Blender, so the controls are the same and the new texture paint controls that Psy-fi added make it easier to work with the paint and stenciling than other programs I use
  2. Blender has a full compositor and node system, so it is easy to plug my painted artwork into it and manipulate either a portion with masking or the whole thing, and combine with iterations of itself or other paintings I’ve done
  3. Blender is a 3d app - so I can use 3d objects and add their rendered output into my paintings without going to another program to do so, and I can use them (rendered) as brushes in my painting
  4. It’s Blender… so anything I paint here, I can use as a texture on a plane and put into a scene, so you could say Blender has its own matte painting solution as well

For the most part, the tutorials I made are just to show that there is stuff you can do with the tools Blender has to offer that are not usually considered when firing up the app - people usually are more concerned with blocking out forms in cubes and such, instead of drawing out a plan to work with and exploring the 2d concept further.

I like drawing and painting in MyPaint, except it lacks masking tools. Photoshop is okay, but I can’t generate 3d objects from within PS to use as drawing elements. I just got Krita, so I can’t really say too much there, the brushes and paint are awesome there. To see way more functionality of Blender’s 2d paint, check out xrg’s video

(xrg) #33

I don’t know if mine show more functionality. I think you tend to push it far past its intent than I do. :slight_smile:

(Craig Jones) #34

xrg, thank you , I am at a loss for words.

(r4ytrace) #35

cool - very good points - I think once I get my head around nodes better I shall give this a go. At the moment I like to use Art Rage Studio. I have My Paint and Krita installed but I haven’t used them much yet.

(Craig Jones) #36

I am working on a pencil that will be transferred so I can do a watercolor - but I also want to take it into Blender and do some painting there as a test too


(khalibloo) #37

Painting in blender… … that’s one really bold move :smiley:
i love it! i’ll give it a shot… i’v never really liked any of those 2D painting apps out there (photoshop, gimp, etc), so this looks like something i could really use

thanks for sharing that…if i may add, ur works r amazing!

(Craig Jones) #38

Thank you, I appreciate that. I have to finish the pencil before I can start the painting, I’m thinking of making a step tutorial or video of methods as I work this time. We will see.

(khalibloo) #39

it’d be great to have a tutorial on this. i really hope u’ll make one

(Craig Jones) #40

Still haven’t gotten to paint in Blender, too many things going on right now, but I had time at the bar to draw in pencil for awhile to make some beer money :smiley: