Craig's 3d Sketchbook

new dyntopo sculpt in process


And another dyntopo, this time trying my hand at hard surface modeling


Update on the retopo process, following the videos from here


further along still - my plans for this are to flesh it out and do a painting time lapse dressing it up as a new unit, and then as a battle damaged castoff


Great work on those hard surfaces! :slight_smile:

Thanks, following the tutorials as well as talking to Jerry on facebook too

I have seen this tutorial few days ago, which is very, very impressive ( learned quite alot ) . I like your robot/armor version alot, though im not sure about the shoulders, if there is a human insde, i probably would bring the arms a little closer to the body. But anyway very good work Criag. Cant wait to see it terxtured and with material :slight_smile:

Yes, this is a bot only, no human inside, but Jerry still is pushing me to adapt the forms with lattice for more interest - I just want to finish so I can paint :smiley:

Here is a quick dyntopo sketch, getting used to the brushes more


Do you use a tablet?
I am trying to figure out if my hobby level interest in blender would warrant getting a graphics tablet.

Yes, a tablet is very crucial in getting the most out of pressure sensitive options like sculpting and texture painting, as well as it lends to reducing stress as a mouse replacement too. I have a simple bamboo tablet myself, nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

Could I have a model name or a link?
Also those are some very nice robots/mech suits.
I tried the tutorial myself and found it way to hard hence my questions about sculpting.

Nice hard surface practice, Craig!

Impressive hard surface work Craig.
I also had a look on masterxeon’s work and tutorial.
The best way to go IMO.

bamboo cth 470 , I don’t know if they still sell them since they have since upgraded their naming convention and changed form bamboo to intuos

JoolsMcFly, Michalis, thank you! I am having fun with this method, and it gives me a lot of opportunity to ‘see’ where the topology belongs with the subd modifier, much better than when I was just following a drawing alone.

an update on the bot - I started texture painting, and I had to settle for a goofy warehouse photo upside-down to make a blurry space ship dock for a test render with internal to see what it looks like - but I can already tell I need to wait for the cycles port to get the most out of the textures I am making.


Great sci fi renders. I like the veggies too.

Thanks!! I have a thing for science fiction - it allows me to dream

Very nice Craig… !
Though a fan of scifi movies and books, never had a talent to create such stuff.
No fantasy, it seems so.
Maybe because my generation is the original trek series stuff. LOL