crappy anemone

just to prove a point…


both of those renders are actually pretty neat and nice in my opinion.

yes, thanks, but it’s just a test really

both with AO
first one with subsurface scattering on the material and subdivision surface modifier in the geometry
second one with edge render option and just the editing mesh, no subsurf of any kind

I had this done in under 2 minutes to prove a point to a friend. Imageshack and easy-share not working here at work, so I took a shortcut here… :slight_smile:

The point? He was insisting it’s not possible to create perfectly (enough) smooth surfaces from just a few vertex points (the “cage” mesh). He’s clearly not used to today’s modelling tools…

This is a contender for the funniest thread title I’ve ever come across.

now that you mention it, it truly sounds awful and non-sense… :smiley: