Crappy daft punk cover art ripoff

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It could be a lot better, it would supposedly be for a CD from section_Z , a website dedicated to fruityloops. It would be the second edition, thus “two”.

comments appreciated.

Just so you can appreciate the agony that went into making this: go into blender and make 95 metaballs plus at least 5 negative metaballs. Then try to work with them. hahahahaha!

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That’s not that bad. Actually it’s pretty good. Metaballs are a pain in the arse. Never really played with them myself.

Only thing is you could have turned the anti alaising up a bit, or rendered larger and resized. But that is all.


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i like it. I dont know what kind of feeling you were aiming at, but i wouldn’t change it… it’s different, it’s interesting…

just add some smoothing here and there…


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the antialiasing looks bad because I tried to sharpen it with a highpass filter. Oh well.

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really cool…I haven’t used any metaballs either…
it makes me want to experiment with them :slight_smile:


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i have been messing with metaballs, modeling is not so hard( because your not really trying to get a perfect shape) but getting a liquid like texture is a pain :smiley: but this pic is a great attempt

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hey… btw what is the link to the site thats dedicated to fruityloops


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fruityloops 3.5 just came out! yeah baby!

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hey thanks man :slight_smile: