Crapy Drum Set

A Drumset Done in less than 4 1/2 Hours.
I used the new blender 2.40 alpha doing this.


Hmm, modelling a drum set is quite tricky.
The High Hat alone houses a difficult mechanism with a chain and all,
which is completely absent in your model.
Any tom or snare drum is equipped with several tuners on the side of the wood. You could model one tuner and spin duplicate it across the side of the drum.
You started out great with the cymbal holders but lost some detail with the cymbals.
Heavily used cymbals (well, definitely mine) have some uneven “hammered” surfaces. Perhaps this can be done with the new subdivide methods. You will need to add some rings to the surface.
Perhaps a transparent material.
Toms and snare drums usually rest on tripod feet not one.
If you look at a regular set up you’ll see that they usually have one high hat
on the left side, two toms above the kick drum and a floor tom on the right.
The snare goes in front of the drummer while a crash and a ride cymbal can go to the sides of the set.
Your cymbals are set a bit too high.

A nice little detail, the snare drum usually has some grey stains in the center from all the hammering.

Well, get back to work cause you have some modelling to do!
Godspeed, my friend.