Crash Arena (older game, intense physics, lots of balls)

Best played in 2.47 or above, because of intense physical simulation you need a good processor. Don’t play in last Apricot builds.

Personally, I played it and even added to key (‘F’) so you can flip after flipping over and surviving for 1000 seconds away from being surrounded by balls could be harder then passing a level of Cat Mario.

Have fun.:wink:

EDIT: This game is rather difficult… LOL I love it! Makes me frustrated… but awesome!

We really need some more replies on this thread. Awesome game.

50 MB!!!

But it’s an AWESOME 50 mb!

A chunk of that is probably the sound, Blender only supports large .wav files. Another chunk is all the geometry that are in the balls.

EDIT: This game is rather difficult… LOL I love it! Makes me frustrated… but awesome!

Considering I made it back when the BGE was full of bugs and memory leaks, nice that you like it.

Excellent find CD!

I didn’t ‘find’ it, I made it and knew where it was since it was created.

ignore him, he always says that…

not 50mb…


Awesome gameplay… Me like.
If you are planning to improve it… improve the graphics.
I also got FPS-drops, but my computer is not the most powerful one.

You should try adding pygame pymusic or whatever thats called.
.ogg files are smaller are they? (compressed?)

A 50mb download for a game that looks like that (no offence) really doesn’t help.

It does sound like a fun concept though.

Very nice CD!

Oo, I just re read my post and I sounded mean.

I didn’t mean when I said

a game that looks like that

That it looked bad, what I meant was that if a game looked like the medieval hack and slash game then I’d download it even if it was at 50mb.

Don’t take insult from my previous post.

I did use only vertex colors here, no textures, glad the majority that played like the gameplay, it started out as some fun little concept and then created a whole game around it.

When I first started I thought it would be a game where you push other cars off the edge of the arena, but then I put some balls that chased you as you drove and liked the concept. The first arena you can choose was the test for the concept, after which I created a whole game around.