Crash Bandicoot N. Eurosis (designers, modellers and texturists wanted)

Well, I finally managed to install the Godot Exporter that exports Blender model and animations into .escn

Ok, I still have no idea what you had against me, Crash N. Eurosis or vanilla BGE, but due to your lack of enthusiasm and support towards to them, and from @Daedalus_MDW’s suggestion, I’ve started to port this fangame into Godot.

It’s not a total rollback in terms of assets, but codes have to be redone - which is claimed to be easier in Godot than in other engines, even easier than BGE’s logic bricks, but that isn’t sure just yet - and some materials have to be retooled.

As for you all in this forum, you might be more help with designing, modelling and texturing. So if you’re interested to do at least that, reply this thread, PM me or contact via [email protected]

How long have you used Godot, btw? I need someone to guide me with programming Crash’s movement with Visual Script.

The Godot community has been doing a pretty good job at filling out documentation for the various features (at least compared to other engines).

I would suggest going here first before asking questions.

ive only ever browsed the ui out of curiosity. never actually done anything with godot.

@Daedalus_MDW must’ve either lied to me, or just overrated Godot, when he claimed it being easier and more supported than BGE. It didn’t really make things any easier. I actually regret that I switched the engine and been considering that I’ll revert back to BGE.

But should I expect anybody to assist me with fangame’s bge version? Or has every last member of this forum become an UPBGE obsessed sadist? Cause if I give up and cancel this fangame, the suicide will end up being my only option to avoid that imposter that is now manipulating Crash Bandicoot fanbase.

You don’t want that, do you?

So if you read this, I want you to prove me that there are kind and sensible BGE experts in this forum who would like to co-program Crash N. Eurosis with me, no matter what. It’s not too much to ask, it won’t kill anybody and it wont result the end of the world! Then again, there is NO SUCH THING AS THE END OF THE WORLD.

Besides, there are several other unpaid BGE teams here, so who says I can’t join them, or have one such team of my own?