Crash Bandicoot N-Eurosis (fangame, HELP WANTED!)

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I guess @joelgomes1994’s expertese is necessary again…

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@BluePrintRandom Say, how good are you with python or logic bricks?

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Main post updated

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So far specific gaming server in Discord is proving to be better place to ask for co-programmers.

And because of that I got my fangame progressed again:

We’ve got new stuff done here: Crates, crystal, extra life, bouncing, Aku Aku…there are yet several stuff to work out as you might notice. The step sound changing by the ground and wumpa’s attraction to hud’s icon for instance. One of my new co-programmers is handling that atm. TNT-box’s texture animation is in progress as well, which is why I didn’t put it here.

I also thought of giving nitro box’s explosion and locked box’s shattering the unique sounds.

If anybody still wants to help with this template, or has better synopsis suggestion, please leave a comment or contact me via [email protected]

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There’s still work to do with the template, but in meantime, is anybody willing to model and texture savannah props (trees, grass, rocks, tree trunks, other plants, ground texture etc) for our fangame? I had an idea of the first level being a savannah themed level.

I would also like to hear what suggestions you have for enemies and their way to attack? So far I’ve come up with lions running towards you when approaching, lab assistants suited as huntsmen with guns, and buzzards.

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Looking good, seeing that demo video makes me feel nostalgic!

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Would you like to join this project?

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Sorry, I’m more of an architectural artist, no game engine stuff for me. But more power to you!

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Do you know any programmers or modellers who could assist?

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Something has been holding up my current co-programmer since last Saturday. In case he’s response delays longer, I’m in need for more co-programmers.

We’re using BGE of Blender v 2.78c to make this game, so that’s what we’re recommending from you as well. Both logic bricks and python allowed.

If anybody is willing to help, reply this post or contact me via [email protected]?

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A version of Dr. Cortex I made for the fangame:

A hybrid of all three PS1 Cortexs, as you might notice.

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I guess the game’s plot is getting a little makeover: When failing to capture Crash to one of his traps, Cortex falls down to (where?), where he discovers an artifact that he can use to his evil purposes.

Now what could this artifact be, how Cortex could exploit it to his world domination attempts, and what could crystals and gems do to prevent it from happening?

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The co-programmer who helped me so far has been off-line for weeks, and it’s a mystery why. So in case he’ll never respond, I’m seeking for more co-programmers. Read the main post for further details

(jesusmora) #38

hi, i was helping camos1011 with his game and ended up creating a really complex camera system, the code in the blends might help you with your game since it’s a platformer: Is there a way to make a camera follow a windy path as the character moves?

it can do things like the camera rotating around paths and stairways, changing direction in certain areas, zooming out, zooming in, and looking down when falling.

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That’s great! Hope you can make the ungrouped camera look at grouped character too.

Do you have Discord, or do you prefer email? We could discuss further about the fangame and what I need.

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Look who’s armed

Also, got some new plot idea that might need specification:
“Cortex has been doing stellar research, and according to his calculations some sort of stellar power matrix should occur, that Cortex or Uka can exploit to world domination somehow…”

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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New progress update:

@jesusmora , the new co-programmer I involved, kinda revamped the template. Now majority of it is written with python. Some of the physics and sound settings suffered a little, but hopefully we get them fixed.

We managed to add skating, climbing and bazooka, as well as proper camera controls and check point. We also got invincibility to work, but jesusmora hasn’t made it temporary yet.

If you’re a BGE programmer (wether you use logic bricks, python or both), and believe you can fix physics and other flaws we have to work out, let me know by reply or via [email protected]

We’re still seeking for plot suggestions for the game, so that we can come up with the title. If you have any, please reply.

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A new plot idea that has an empty spot to fill:

Cortex orders his minions to gather crystals for his new fiendish masterplan, and Crash has to recover the crystals before they do so.

If anybody has suggestions for what this masterplan could be, please reply.

(jesusmora) #43

I made a 2d filter that gives the text gradient and a border, but i couldn’t get rid of some pixels completely:

most of the bugs from the video are fixed already.