Crash Bandicoot N-Eurosis (fangame, HELP WANTED!)

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That’s ok with the pixels. I don’t see why they would distract

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Alrighty! The title and synopsis of this fangame are finally decided! In case you’re too lazy to check the main post, I’ll tell them here:

Crash Bandicoot N-Eurosis
That ever-devious Dr Cortex up to no good once more! He’s kidnapped Coco and is testing his new mind control prototype to force her build bigger one, that works on the whole planet! Thankfully, a hero of all bandicoots, Crash Bandicoot, arrives to free Coco, and no worries, even if the machine was complete, cause Crash and Coco wrecked down its power supply while escaping Cortex’s castle.

The mad scientist himself won’t give up though. He just thought that a certain value of purple power crystals might be enough to power up his planetary mind control contraption, and sends his minions all over the world to find those crystals. As soon as bandicoot siblings realize this, their only hope is findig the crystals, before the minions do so.

So begins the type of adventure we’ve all been waiting for! Crash is back, and this time for REAL!

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I see you’re using the vanilla BGE to do your game, everyone who is serious about sticking with the engine has moved on to the UPBGE fork (as official versions beyond 2.6x are somewhat broken and UPBGE has fixed and expanded a lot of things).

In addition, I will also make a note that there was a recent story of Activision shutting down a Spyro fangame, so I think it would be wise to research their rules on fan content. Otherwise, you risk getting DMCA’d if this becomes well known.

(Guyus Matlow) #48

@Ace_Dragon Where might I find those rules? Or where should I start looking for them?

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I see you’re using the vanilla BGE to do your game, everyone who is serious about sticking with the engine has moved on to the UPBGE fork (as official versions beyond 2.6x are somewhat broken and UPBGE has fixed and expanded a lot of things).

upbge is not ready, they changed a lot of things and in the process f-up very essential features. 0.2.2 has broken xrays and culling, and 0.2.4 (the last version) has libload broken, wich is THE most important feature.
it will be at least 2 more versions until it can be used seriously by the speed at wich it is developing. it is also not compatiple with old PCs due to the update of python to the lastest version, and it’s focus on graphics.

bge has all the things needed to make a game. i ran into a bug with replace mesh, it could’ve been fixed by moving to upbge, but i managed to create a solution using python.

right now i don’t need any new bge features to make this game, the basics are done, i made a save system using python, i colored the text using a 2dfilter, i make my own physics calculations using rays.
i’m focusing on mechanics now, and stuff like menus and options can be done by python very easily.

i’m just the programer, but even if the proyect gets DMCA’d, all the code could be used to make a different game with the same mechanics, just call it something else and use different characters.

(Guyus Matlow) #50

Now THOSE are accurate reasons to stick into “vanilla BGE” (whatever connection vanilla and BGE have to one another).

(jesusmora) #51

aaaand… we got a menu!

it is all sprites, the numbers are sprites, i use replaceMesh and a python script to change them and combine the digits into bigger numbers!
i use suspend() to suspend the scene and pause the game while the menu is in another scene.

(Guyus Matlow) #52

Cool! Hope you got the main layer done too (one with resume, prefs and quit)

Btw, before you send this back to me, I wish you to set that anisotrophic filter off. I’d also recommend you to rename it “smoothing” cause not everyone know the meaning of the term “anisotrophic filter”

(Daedalus_MDW) #53

“Smoothing” is a generic term. one simply cant google that and learn the meaning of a specific context. in fact, smoothing commonly refers to interpolation of a control input or motion.

on the other hand, “Anisotropic” is a technical term, and very easy to learn the meaning of. i should add that anisotropic is a very common, widely used game setting.

most high quality menus have some description text that changes when you hover your mouse or select an item.

EDIT: if you wanted to change it any way, at least call it “Texture Sharpening”. smoothness is what that setting gets rid of.

(Guyus Matlow) #54

Are you sure? When the filter is off, edges get sharp and pixely, which is easier to run than the opposite, where the edges are smoothed.

(ToxicTuba) #55

hey guyus

this looks very interesting. I’d like to join and try modeling some assetts, maybe for the savannah :slight_smile:

also once in the future there is a leveleditor I’d like to make a level or two too :slight_smile:

best would be when you PM me the discord link.

(alf0) #56

first of all i want to say, congrats, this is an amazing work
its been to long sens i gave my opinion on bge , because bge bracks my hart !!!

but i want to give some notes from where i see !!!
i still play the frist 3 crash games +CTR till today, so ther are something that i want to say !!!

1- the animations are more like if the are been cut out when the an event stops, and another event animation starts, you should blend in the animations that will intersect with eachothers

2- the animatons are almost realistic but yet not, which makes crash looks a little bit odd, try speeding it up a little

3-try to add an animation that bracks the allusion of a clone object, and that give a minning to space , for ex when he touchs the ground after jumping add a touch ground animation that make us think he landed on the ground !!!

4- i think the physics are a little bit off, specially when he is on air, the movement should increase dramatically like a force movemnt , and the opisit is right

the environment

5- the boxs are so glossy, i think wood shouldint be !!!

6-the environment, which the level shouldnt just be flat, even though i know this is just for the test, try adding some bumps and rocks / grass

7- insted of just adding an exploding ring on broken boxs, maybe creat some fragments and let them act like if the box got broked

but in the end, its an amazing work !!! and this is just some tips !!!

(jesusmora) #57

my bad. i though it was AA and told guyus that. i realized that it improves the texture quality only after it was in the game.
i would like to be able to control AA too.

(Guyus Matlow) #58

They are blended, or maybe you’ll notice it in game’s real framerate that is 50fps. Video capturing reduced framerate.

He does an animation when he lands, but only when not moving.

Yeah, we’ve now at least added a halo in a center of explosions.

What’s AA then?

PS. Nice to see more than few people responding to this thread again.

(jesusmora) #59

What’s AA then?

AA smooths the borders of models. anisotrpic filtering improves the quality of textures.
i think it will be better to put a graphics option with “low”, “medium”, “high”, instead.

(Guyus Matlow) #60

…yyyeah. And before you send it back to me, set it low.

(Daedalus_MDW) #61

never set Anti Aliasing to 16. most gpus cant handle it. i didnt think you could set AA in the game?

16 brings my gtx 970 to a grinding 30 fps on a simple scene.

(Guyus Matlow) #62

A fortriori I asked him to set it 0 when he’s done. I also don’t think AA is that necessary anyway.

(Guyus Matlow) #63

I’m finished with title card. I hope…

(Guyus Matlow) #64

Sad news, friends. @jesusmora left the project, so I need a new co-programmer to take over.

The way he assisted me is kinda complicated though. His codes consist of tons of python and libloading, and it’s unsure if that can be translated into node-based, or easily modifiable form.

He also had to make some mistakes too, so that he can correct them afterwards.

So, if anybody is willing to take @jesusmora’s place, you need:

  • Blender 2.78c or older with vanilla BGE
  • Skills with logic bricks, python and libload

Contact me by replying this, sending me a PM, or via [email protected]

Thank you for your attention