Crash Landing

Here is the follow-up episode to my previous animated short “The Bridge.” This one is called “Crash Landing.”

nice lip syncing :slight_smile:

Good job. It seems like you only animated the person that was speaking most of the time. So it tended to look quite stiff. The lip sync was spot on. It would also help with some additional camera shots. For example when the black buy says something about a death grip on the rail, you might show his hands squeezing the rail. Things like that.

All and all, it looks nice.

Thanks for the comments, every film is a learning experience!

The animation is good. However, if there’s one thing you learn from bullet ballistics is that no bullet ever shoots in a straight line. Outside of a old fashion 2d Video game, no bullet ever shoots in a straight line.

Let me offer a slightly different, albeit a good bit harder assessment… At the end of the 01:00 of time that my jaded self was willing to put into it, the only take-away that I had was that two guys were on a helicopter, and that one of them was in his “first combat drop,” and … that’s when the Gong Show moment happened for me.

Honest, I don’t mean to sound either “jaded” or “unappreciative,” but … when you’re telling a story, the single most important point is “the hook.” This is the all-important moment in time when the moviegoer will decide not to walk into a different theater. “Never mind the technology that you’re using for the story-telling …” you need to right now plunge me into: the story.

This is the precisely the reason why TV shows always used to start with a minute-and-a-half of “teaser” before they ever started to “roll the credits.” As an “actual movie-goer,” I can actually very-easily accept a great many different “technical standards of production,” as long as I am immediately thrust into a story. In this case, it involves two soldiers … one experienced, one green … “cool, I’m with ya, storyteller, what happens next?”

Sure, this is a “CG appreciation forum.” We know that. But when you get to the actual meat-and-potatoes about what all this Tom Swift-y technology is actually all about (and it does come very quickly), “story is everything.”

Hook me quick into your story, and I will happily not care about the “technical prowess of” your presentation.

Go back and strip away every single thing that stands in the way of the first point at which the story is introduced. (Okay, you’ve got fifteen or twenty seconds worth of ‘setting the stage.’ I’ll give you that.) Once you have solidly “hooked” me into actually caring about what happens to these two characters, I’ll give you a lot of leeway from that very-magical point forward. But if, after 01:00 of precious screen-time, the only thing that I have actually learned is that one of them’s an experienced soldier and one of 'em’s green, I’m on my third scoop of popcorn and, jaded person that I am, running out of patience.

A very interesting perspective, sundial. I will have to try and remember that when I make my script.

I bet that was a ton of work. looked pretty good

Some days I felt like I was being crushed by that “ton of work!”

First – I thought gunner died in the last one?

Second – voice acting was crisp, clear, well done. Though a little more yelling and such during the crash and firefight maybe could have amped it up a bit.

It was obvious there was stuff you focused on and stuff you shied away from. As has been stated, the lip sync was great – some of the gun shooting sequences were excellent. And obviously the secondary characters you didn’t spend much time on, and I don’t fault you for that. I would just recommend trying to get them in a comfortable position (they looked like they were sitting with a board in their back)

As has been said – a little camera motion goes a long way (or at least frequent cuts during action sequences)

Overall – the bridge was very well done and this was better. Excellent work – keep going forward!

Hey Daren, thanks for the feedback. I always like to get your input.

As for Gunner being dead: “The Bridge” started out as a stand-alone film. However, the response to the characters was too great to ignor so I thought why not make a series of films about them. I guess you could look at this one as something that happened before "The Bridge.

Good luck on your filmwork. I’ve been really impressed with your progress!