"Crash" my first game

This is my first game done in blender.
It is quite simple, just try and stay on the platform the longest.
-it is 2 player.

Any comments?

Not bad for a first game, but if you don’t move, you can’t be pushed off. I don’t know how to solve this, you’ll have to ask someone else. And you coudls rotate the view a bit, so that it seems more 3d. But the score system is perfect, and the concept of the game is good also. Keep improving! :smiley:

No offence, but this game does have room for improvement, I don’t know if you can do this but you could have the other player be computer run by an option in a start menu and you should be pushed if you’re still. Nice job for a first try though.

You can be pushed if you are still. YOu have to push him from the side.

I have changed the game now.
New features:
–1 player

still can’t figure out how to push from the front properly yet?

Hmmmm, I tried it again and it seems like you can’t die anymore. %|

Looks like its working now, I changed somethings around.

It works better, the opponent is nice and tough (seriously he got 60 by the time I got to 20) but the pushing problem when still still remains