Crash on rendering


Blender is crashing on me when I try to render my animation. Even just rendering the 3D window. I get a generic “Blender is shutting down” pop up from Windows, and no diagnostics in the console.

The whole animation is pretty big, 1100 frames, although I have tried setting it just to render the first five frames, and it still crashes. It doesn’t matter what the render settings are, as far as I can see.

It plays back in the 3D window, although strangely, when I play it back in the 3D window, it’s incrementing by like 50 frames at a time, rather than one frame. I don’t get why it would be okay playing back but not okay rendering the 3D window…

Any tips very appreciated.


Oops. Had the output set to quicktime with no codec selected. Problem solved.