Crash on selecting camera view (2.40)

When i hit numpad 0 or select camera view in the menu, blender crashes immediately. Rendering and the other views work fine.

I’m using a matrox p550 with the latest drivers, dual monitors (one wide desktop screen over both screens).

any ideas?


I investigated a bit more. So this is the scenario to reproduce it.

Don’t test this with an existing file cause you might not even be able to switch to camera view without crash after this (happened to one of my blender-files)!

  1. Make new file
  2. Switch to camera view
  3. Select the camera
  4. Hit GKEY to move the camera while being in camera view
  5. Crash!

Matrox P550

Can’t reproduce a crash. Works fine for me.

Switched back to 2.37a. No problem there at all.

Same here. Crashes if I switch to Camera View.

Also crashes if I open certain .blend files. Only the ones I want to work on, of course. :x

Crashes might be dramatic a word. The program just disappears. Poof.

The files all open just fine in 2.37

(Windows XP Pro, Matrox Parhelia with dual monitors attached)


No crash (WIN XP Pro) … very strange :-?

Both of you are using Matrox cards. I smell a rat.


Ati Radeon
No crash for me.

If v2.40 installed over an older version of yours did you alter specific settings in that older version?

The only alterations I did (if I know what you mean) were setting the left button to select and the middle button (wheel/button) to pan.

Oh, and 873x480 with an aspect ratio of 100:100, and Sky instead of Premul.

I don’t know enough to do anything else. :expressionless:


I guess fligh is right that this is a matrox issue. I wouldn’t mind buying another graphic card, but the point is it shouldn’t have a vent cause i’m using this machine as DAW as well.


  1. Is there a possibility to submitt this bug to the official bug tracing system?

  2. Any recomandations for a dual head graphic card that works best with blender and runs SILENTLY?


Did some more testing… Crashes with 2.40, crashes with 2.40 RC1, does NOT crash with 2.40 Alpha1 or 2.37a.

So…sometime between the alpha and the release, somebody did something. And it wasn’t me. :slight_smile:

A Matrox Parhelia is not exactly a noname cheapo knockoff card. Things should work with it. (Yes, I have the latest driver, too.

Hi Dan
Your absolutly right that blender should run with matrox cards (well, it worked before). My card isn’t that sophisticated as yours, so it’s not a big investment - in your case things are quiet different.

By the way, thanks for the hint about the alpha version i’ll try to get it.


You should add this to the BugTracker:


Hi Fligh
Where should i submitt it - ‘Bug Tracker’ or ‘OpenGL errors’ ?

OGL I reckon.