crash on startup

hi, a week(~ish) ago blender was wroking fine on my home computer, but then it stopped (it runs the small window -command prompt?, then opens the full sized main window -but its greyed out- before getting an error message ‘Blender has stopped working’ then closing)
i have tried

  • deleting/reinstalling blender (both the version that used to work and the newest version)
  • updating GPU drivers
  • restarting computer
  • running blender as admin
    but none of the above worked
    the only changes i can recall doing to my computer is
  • downloading a couple games from steam
  • insalling a wacom intuos 4 graphics tablet
  • using a HDMI to connect a second monitor (primary was VGA)

if someone could help i would be very grateful (ive pretty much given up on trying to use blender at college so i have to do my work at home "/ )

this is from the ‘more information’ tab on the error window-thing

Files that help describe the problem:

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