crash problems

I am using Blender 2.40 on a mac G5. I am trying to parent a model composed of several objects to an armature. The program crashes when I try to do this. I have tried appending the model to another file which apparently worked for others. I am stumped. Any ideas would be much (much) appreciated.

Could you share the .blend and I’ll see if it happens on windoze too? If you can’t upload it you could send it to me ([email protected]).


Thanks for the help Fligh %. I have sent you an e-mail with the file and a detailed description of what actions I take from that point. Cheers.

Hmmm, the msg got returned. Are you sure that e-mail works? I will try again tomorrow.

Use the one I posted, not he one in my profile (it’s a dummy). “dashh” has 2 H’s, just c&p it without the brackets.


Yup, tried that, no luck. You might want to check that account is still active. If you have an alternate address, you can e-mail me with it on [email protected]. Something I was thinking, can I parent each part of the robot body to each bone seperately. It seems to only crash when I try and do them all at once.


Yes, that’s the way it should be done. If you were wanting to Parent all parts of the Robot, assuming they were all one Object, you would use "To Nearest Bone (old way) or Armature Modifier using Envelopes (new way).
I’m sure that was your problem.